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Tolkien fever

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Thanks to Seanan, who first alerted me to the new Lord of the Rings trailer on Blatherchat. Jeff downloaded it after a couple of tries (we didn't have the right version of Quicktime) and we watched it after the Enterprise premiere night.

WOW, THIS MOVIE LOOKS AMAZING. If the movie lives up to the trailers, then it should be a box office smash. Heck, even if it sucks, it'll still probably be a box office hit just because of the Tolkien fans. :-) I'm not sure how I'm going to be able to wait until December! Even my nieces, Sara and Annie, are nuts for the trailer. They walked into the room while Ruth was watching it on their computer and were curious. Ruth was worried about the fight scenes scaring them, but both girls seem fixated on Eowyn's character in the trailer. Ruth says Annie's even quoting Eowyn's "Come and claim him" line with all the right intonation. Of course neither Sara nor Annie know the LOTR story, nor have they any interest in seeing the actual movie. They are simply content with watching the trailer over and over again. :-)

I've updated my Waiting For Frodo comic with two new strips, for those interested. Here's the first new strip, and here's the second. I've already received a few e-mails about them. Here's an excerpt from one I particularly liked:

"I hope that you don't mind my writing to you out of the blue, but I

wanted to tell you how very much I enjoy the Waiting for Frodo strip.

I'm a (very geeky) grad student & a Tolkien fan, but the reason that I

love the strip so much is that I have a terrible, terrible crush on

someone who (a) is obsessed with Tolkien & with the upcoming movie and

(b) looks exactly, but exactly, like the fellow in the strip."

I'm also taking a poll about whether Sam (the main character in the strip) should end up with Rosie or Gladys. I confess I'm torn, so am soliciting opinions. If you're interested, you can cast your vote here.

One of the reasons I'm looking forward to the Lord of the Rings movie so much is because movie fare seems to be pretty skimpy these days. I've been dying to see a movie since we came back from Tokyo, but nothing at the Paramount appeals to me right now, despite its many theatres. Jeff and I are probably going to see Monty Python and the Holy Grail this weekend with some friends. Jeff's a big MP fan, and I've never seen the entire movie.

And finally, a writing update: I've made my first post-Inkspot writing sale, woohoo! I'm writing about online harp resources for Harp Column magazine. I also just received my first Cafe press cheque, which means that I must have sold enough t-shirts to warrant one, which is pretty cool. :-) I'll be adding some more t-shirts fairly soon, and -not- just Tolkien-oriented.

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Today's Blatherpics:

Shrunken versions of the two new comics. Click on either to see an enlarged version.

Today's Poll:

Are you hoping to see the new Lord of the Rings movie on opening day/night?

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