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sacred sea thalassotherapy

I had my Sacred Sea Thalassotherapy treatment this afternoon. It started with an introduction to my Sacred Sea guy, Shadow, a cute-looking young guy with a soul patch and ginger-coloured hair. After my heated foot soak (I chose a different scent this time, called "Calming"), Shadow gave me a Salt Glow massage using a mixture consisting of salt, epsom salts, my chosen essential oil, and massage cream. I had one towel strategically-placed over my bum when I lay on my stomach, then also a strategically-placed towel on my chest when I turned over. It was heavenly and utterly relaxing. Nothing like having a nice-looking young man rub salt into one's butt to put things in perspective. I'm not an exhibitionist, but I've learned how to let go of most of my prudish "AUGH DON'T LOOK AT MY BULGES" impulses during a massage. Defeats the purpose of the massage otherwise, doesn't it?

After my Salt Glow, I was led to a mega-tub jacuzzi thingy that looked more like some kind of rocket ship than a bathtub, with a zillion dials and levers and handles. Shadow gave me copious instructions about what to do if I got faint or too hot or claustrophobic. After I got in the bath, he dimmed the lights in the room and lit several candles. He had already added some kind of herbal seaweedy stuff that foamed up as 144 jets of water massaged my body. It was -wonderful-. After the bath, I took a shower to rinse off the last of the Salt Glow stuff and the seaweedy stuff, then wrapped myself in my terrycloth bathrobe. Shadow led me outside on the private patio while he cleaned up the room, and brought me a cup of Aveda Peppermint-Licorice herbal tea while I listened to the ocean and dozed on and off.

After about ten minutes, I was taken back to the room, which had magically turned into a massage room instead of a uber-tub room. After the usual strategic placing of towels, etc., Shadow dribbled hot scented oils all over my body and gave me a complete massage. He was even better than Dean from yesterday. When he was finished, he wrapped me in warm towels mummy-style, and a reflective crinkly blanket over top to keep in the heat. He left me in the room for about 10-15 minutes, and I dozed off again.

Time for another brief shower, and then back on the table for a final rubdown with a lighter oil, this time eucalyptus and leaving my skin tingling. Mmmmm. This was the best spa treatment I've had by far, ever.

By the time I was finished, Jeff was already having his massage. Jeff's not really a massage person, but he said he really enjoyed himself today, so much that he's been convinced to book a Hot Stones Massage on Wednesday. He'll have Angela, my reflexology person from yesterday.

After dinner, Jeff and I went for an evening stroll on the beach. Saw more starfish, anemones, and a tiny crab in one of the tidepools. Some of the residents had set up small bonfires along the length of the beach. Interesting to see that there is pretty much ZERO garbage along the beach (no cigarette butts, broken glass, paper garbage, etc.). Either people are extraordinarily conscious of cleaning up after themselves here, or the tide does the cleaning up for them. :-)

Tomorrow, we're off early in the morning to visit Hot Springs Cove, a trip that involves a boat ride and a short hike.

Today's Blatherpics

- Each night when we return to our room, Jeff and I find that the housekeeping staff has turned down the covers and put out our bathrobes. Sometimes there is also a basket of fresh fruit. Tonight we found our robes spread out on the bed in the shape of a heart. :-)

- Sign at the top of the path to the beach.

- Barnacles I saw on my beach walk this morning.

- Barnacle appetizer at dinner tonight (!). Looks pretty gross, if you ask me. Interesting to try (you also break open the barnacle to eat the insides), but a bit too rubbery for my liking.

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