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flying advice

Had fun hanging out with Allison and Jodi last night while Jeff played Quake. Allison said she had a great conversation with Riley and Casey Kwinn last night.

Thanks to Mike Whitaker and Bruce Adelsohn for posting OVFF voting ballots online. I've linked to them from the OVFF Web site. I'll be at OVFF for sure, by the way, Jodi will likely be there, Allison probably won't. :-(

I've finished my Killarney trip report, adding a concluding page (with a poem by my friend Parki!). Sure wish I had done some online research about the Killarney La Cloche trail prior to the trip; I would have come across advice like the following:

"This is a world class trail, even though it is less known than ones like the West Coast Trail. Some of the terrain is quite intense. (Do not attempt the whole loop as your first backpacking experience!)"

Still waiting for news from Scott and Amanda. Apparently the baby could arrive Any Day Now (!). You can check out the babytalk forum for updates as well as Amanda's Musings.

Flying advice sought:

Jeff and I will be leaving for Vancouver and Japan next week. Apparently the flight to Japan is about 12 hours (!). To all you flying types: how do YOU amuse yourself on long plane flights? The thought of sitting still in an enclosed space for that long is giving me the willies. We're playing to take my laptop (which can play DVDs) and some movies, a portable CD player, books (Allison and Jodi have both loaned some "popcorn novels"), magazines. I intend to sleep as much as possible (bringing an inflatable neck pillow, ear plugs, eye mask). Any other suggestions? Please post your answer here, thanks.

Japan links

With the Killarney trip over, I've turned my attention to our upcoming trips to Vancouver and Japan starting next week. Here are some interesting Japan links I've found so far (feel free to suggest more!):

Cybercafes in Tokyo's section on Japan

Japan In Your Palm

Today's Blatherpic

Annie, on their family camping trip in Algonquin Park. Despite attempted washings, Annie always managed to find dirt (but always had a lot of fun in the process). My favourite quote from our visit with my sister and her family in the campsite was hearing Sara yell at her Uncle Jeff: "HA HA! I have a uterus and you don't!"

Feel free to suggest a daily poll question.

Today's Poll:

Have you ever had your luggage lost or temporarily misplaced while flying?

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