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Just came back from the Olympic Bid Announcement party. As you probably already know by now, Toronto lost. Even though this was the all-round prediction before the bid, I felt compelled to check out the party anyway, just for the people-watching opportunities. Plus I can never resist an opportunity to attend a gathering in which Torontonians are so openly united in cheering for something.

A ton of media were milling about, interviewing and filming, as well as being perched on various vantage points along Front Street. There were free pancakes, but I opted out of standing in the mega-line to wander around instead. Volunteers were handing out free flags, lemonade, Olympics bid fridge magnets. Bands and dance groups entertained the crowd, which was growing increasingly restless as the bid announcement time approached. Many in the crowd had gone out of their way to declare their support, painting their faces, draping Canadian flags around their shoulders, wearing Toronto Olympic bid t-shirts and caps. I wore my Solitudes cap and Waiting For Frodo t-shirt. Someone complimented me on my t-shirt. :-)

Everyone's hopes were raised, of course, when it was announced that the bid would go into a second round. Only to be dashed a short time later when it was announced that Beijing had won the bid. The crowd's spirit quickly deflated after that, though most seemed to want to wait around for a few minutes as if they were half-hoping that the IOC would change its mind. Ex-Mayor Crombie tried leading the crowd in another rendition of "Expect the World" as people started to drift away.

Up to recently, I was somewhat neutral about the Toronto Olympic bid. I just didn't want Beijing to get the Olympics because I have real problems with their handling (past and present) of human rights issues. Despite my earlier ho-hum attitude, however, I couldn't help but get excited along with the rest of the crowd, cheering and frantically waving my flag on cue. It was fun. :-)

But just imagine the party we would have had had Toronto won....

If you missed yesterday's late-posted Blathering, do check it out for updated photos of Lissa's and Phil's new baby. My Wasaga Beach trip report will be postponed until later this week.

Some friends of mine, Parki and Neil, recently complained about how consistently cheery and perky my Blatherings are. One even challenged me to write an Anti-Blathering entry, just to see if I could do it. I actually did consider this, but abandoned the attempt early on. Fact is, it's just not in me right now, especially not since I moved home from Philadelphia. I'm happier now than I have been in a long time (unemployed, but happy :-)).

One of these friends (Parki) decided to go ahead and create an Anti-Blathering anyway. I'm going to include the link here, but first be warned that if you're easily offended or if you don't know me that well (and will therefore not get the irony), you should probably not click on the link.

Here's the link.

I've been in contact with my lawyers, of course, and will file as many lawsuits as I can possibly squeeze in (and having very nearly filed another lawsuit in recent months, I am dying to exercise my newfound legalese knowledge) before Jeff and I leave on our hiking trip.

That is, as soon as my stomach stops hurting from laughing. ;-)

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Today's Poll:

Did you (or do you plan to) read the "Anti-Blathering" mentioned above despite the dire warnings?

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