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gummi rats and chocolate

News/Updates/Links (12:44 pm EST)

Hey, has asked if they can include my Waiting For Frodo cartoon as a feature in their monthly humour update. I said yes, of course. :-)

Augh! They're thinking of turning 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' into a cartoon.

(Salon) Hank Ketcham, creator of 'Dennis the Menace', died on Friday.

Tad Williams has launched his Shadowmarch project.

Tale of the Radioactive Boy Scout: a 15-year-old boy builds a nuclear reactor in his mother's toolshed.

Guest Blatherer: Andrea Dale

Once again, I am blathering from Debbie Ridpath Ohi's residence in downtown Toronto *wink*.

Yesterday Debbie and I met up with Allison and Jodi for the day. We ate lunch at the SF cafe, enjoying hot dogs, hamburgers and "wraps" (that's the healthy food). I felt like I was in "Ookla The Mok Land," surrounded by large action figures, movie screens and junk food .. .

In the cafe store ("A very dangerous place," I assure you) I found a new edition of Marion Zimmer Bradley's "Sword & Sorceress" short story collection and instantly had to have it. Jodi bought a hardcover book with a simulated claw mark scratched through the cover, with a vampire type face shining through (No I don't know what it was, but it certainly looked interesting . . .

We laughed, teased and cracked up our way through lunch and then left for Allison's. At Allison's I played a few of my new songs for them, continued to talk and also enjoyed some of the treats I had brought from Cincinnati. (I am sure that Debbie, Tasty Food Editor Extrodinaire will cover this later).

Of course, we were not full yet, so after a while we trundled off for dinner (do you see a trend here?) and found a really yummy Chinese restaurant where we mowed our way, uh ate, through dinner. Next to our table was a family eating dinner, with an adorable little girl in a pink outfit who constantly turned around and shared grins with us as we ate . . . She blew us kisses when she left (wearing a red jacket with a penguin on it.)

We headed back to the subway station, were Debbie and I parted ways with Allison and Jodi *sad sigh* *big hugs exchanged.* Debbie and I headed back home.

Later that night, after Debbie went to bed, I snuck onto her LOTR messsage board and assured her dedicated readership that I felt absoutely NO GUILT for holding up her Tolkien reading for the weekend. :-) Then I enjoyed about an hour of reading, and passed out for the night.

Today, I am trying convince Debbie & Jeff that they need to move to Cincinnati.

Today's Blatherpics:

- Allison admiring the food gifts from Andrea, especially a Shrek "gummy swamp rat" (or something similar). Andrea just pointed out that this was to be admired, not eaten!

- Andrea, Allison and Jodi at the SF cafe in Richmond Hill.

- Allison's cat Nova. I thought she looked kinda cute in this picture, but I have been informed by Allison that Nova actually looks very ticked off in this photo (ticked off at me, that is, for taking the photo).

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