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andrea visit

News/Updates/Links (10:03 am EST)

(Tom Smith Online) Quake movie ceases production.

(Salon) FBI ceases investigations of Kaycee hoax.

( The 'Lord of the Rings' movie has its opening reworked.

( Maori groups are claiming that Lego is infringing on their intellectual property rights.

JOURNALS: Josh makes burritos.

I was taken aback yesterday when I checked out the Lord of the Rings feedback boards yesterday to find *66* posts in reply to my last chapter report. Snooping around, I discovered that has mentioned me again:

"Timekillers 4 5/31/01, 10:05 pm EST - Tehanu More things to enjoy while waiting for the movies to come out. These are both funny: Debbie's Waiting for Frodo comicstrip which accompanies her Blatherings webjournal. I thought I'd mention it again because so many people are enjoying her trip through reading LOTR for the FIRST time."

Many thanks to the folks at!

I find it highly amusing that the traffic on my LOTR site is higher now that I'm taking a short break during Andrea's visit. Also find it pretty cool...I love it when an online community reaches a point where it's pretty much self-sustaining. In some ways, the Tolkien fan community is very similar to the Inkspot community. Hope I get to meet some of them in person someday. :-)

Sent in my brief review/blurb of Moira's book about queries and proposals yesterday (which I *highly recommend*, by the way). So this means that, as of today,

I am officially on my sabbatical, woohoo!

I hereby declare that I am not taking on any new work-related projects until the fall (where "work" is defined as any project with a deadline or that's not completely frivolous/fun). If you notice me breaking this vow, feel free to yell at me. I mean it.

I'm having great fun with my Waiting for Frodo comic, and getting lots of suggestions from users about what could happen in the movie line-up.

After forcing Andrea to do a Guest Blathering yesterday, we went to Fune for dinner. Briefly considered going to a movie but ended up just chatting instead, and playing some music. Jeff hung out with us for a bit, then retreated to his home office to do play network Quake (his favourite Friday night activity these days). I'm trying to convince Andrea and Tom to move to Toronto.

Going to hang out with Allison and Jodi this afternoon. :-) Andrea will be posting tomorrow, I think.

Today's Blatherpic:

Andrea, last night. She played her cover of "Homecoming" for me. LOVED her version. :-)

Feel free to suggest a daily poll question.

Today's Poll: (Courtesy Andrea)

Have you ever lied about your age?

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