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32 bug bites. Jeff has 2, his parents have none. Somehow this doesn't seem fair, especially since I'm the only one with insect repellent on pretty much all the time. I've been experimenting with different anti-itch remedies in anticipation of our hiking trip, and would be interested in hearing advice from any of you with experience. Here's how I rate the ones I've tried so far:

AfterBite: This stings, which makes me think it's working. Seems to work ok, but only if I apply it immediately after I get the bite (which doesn't happen very often).

Anti-Itch Gel: (from the Band-Aid people): Seems useless in terms of stopping my bug bites from itching, but the camphor does have a pleasant cooling effect. I spread some all over my arms and legs last night since I was so hot in the sleeping cabin. Didn't help my itching, but did cool me off enough to let me sleep.

Cortate: I'm sure the hydrocortisone ingredient must do something, but probably right away. My problem is that the itching drives me mad before it takes effect and I start scratching again. I'm so bad.

I haven't heard the cottage mouse lately, and strongly suspect that she is now an ex-mouse. :-(

When Jeff and I went back up, we noticed a Very Bad smell in the vicinity of one of the cupboards. Jeff investigated and found a nest of four dead baby mice. :-( Brittany was very sad (but fascinated at the same time). She told us that when she and her mom were at the cottage (Jeff and I had gone back to Toronto), one of their dogs killed a mouse that was running across the floor, and the mouse must have been the mother. I think she was right.

Fortunately my mom-in-law's dog isn't fast enough to catch anything, though he does put on a pretty good show. Jamie is one of those small yappy terrier dogs who acts like a much bigger dog than he really is. He's pretty cute, though, and when I scratch him behind the ears he tends to roll over on his back so I can scratch his tummy as well.

I bet Jamie doesn't get any bug bites.

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If you saw a mouse run across the floor of your house, would your first reaction be one of fear?

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