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News/Updates/Links (5:59 pm EST)

Andrea just got here! :-) See her Guest Blathering below.

Jodi is looking for a job. "Does your company need the sort of skills involved in the creation and promotion of a site like The Muse's Muse? If you're looking for a Marketing professional with a special emphasis on the web and six + years experience in that respect, I'm looking for you. And it doesn't matter where you're located around the world. The web is a wonderful thing." If you're interested, please contact her.

Waiting For Frodo updated.

( Chapters and Indigo plan to combine their bookstore Web sites.

Humour: (The Onion) "Dot-commers to receive unemployment benefits in form of stock options".

Journals: Paul has a conversation with his 11-week-year-old son. Kate talks kitsch. Luisa loses words.

Guest Blathering From Andrea

Oh my God, Debbie's office has a window!! (I guess it was hidden behind all of her "stuff" the last time I visited.)

As you may have guessed, I am now sitting in Debbie's revamped office, which is STILL incredibly organized (well, except for all of the books piled up sideways on the top of her bookshelves . . . )

I've been here for a total of five minutes, and Debbie has already asked, uh begged me, to do a "Blathering" :-) We've already planned out part of the weekend, with Debbie and I going out to dinner tonight, and tomorrow I'll spend the day with Debbie, Allison and Jodi, eating, talking, playing music and just messing around . . . Fun!!

I left my husband (Tom) and our four month old son, Nicholas sitting in the living room playing together. This weekend Tom and Nicholas can "Bond" *grin* Hopefully Nicholas doesn't wake Tom up for more than two feedings a night.

I'll sign-off for now . . . I want to go play Gwyneth Paltrow!

Did the usual Pickle Barrel/mall thing with Allison and Jodi last night; our evenings are tending to end a bit earlier these days.

When I got home, I called Jeff to find out what he was up to. On impulse, I decided to join Jeff and Scott M. for a visit to Sam's/HMV, and then to see, where Parki joined us.

LOVED this documentary. I suspect only techies and those with direct experience with the dot-com craze will really appreciate this flick, but I could be wrong. Anyway, I was astounded at how much the documentary paralleled my own experience with a dot-com startup. Some of the dialogue could have been lifted directly from conversations and company meetings I had attended in Philly.

Liked one of the user comments posted on IMDB about the movie, and agree completely:

For all those people who think everyone involved in the internet revolution became an instant millionaire, see this movie and understand the reality of 98% of the internet companies that were started, and eventually, failed.

After the movie, we went to Fran's for shakes and hot chocolate (I had the hot chocolate :)). Somehow the conversation moved from discussion of the movie to an interesting conversation about rude slang terms. I think the topic came up when one of them used a particular phrase, and I asked him what it meant. They all looked at me as if I had just told them I was pregnant. They couldn't believe I had never heard of this slang term, claimed that it was commonly used. Commonly used where? I asked. Was there some guy manual about this sort of thing? No, they said that most women knew of the term, even if they didn't use it themselves.

I'm going to quiz some of my female friends to see if this is true.

Today's Blatherpics:

- Andrea while she was typing her Guest Blathering a few minutes ago.

- Took this photo when Jeff and I visited Chapters the other day because we both thought the concept was hilarious. It takes 24 one-hour lessons to learn how to use ICQ?! I'd say 15 minutes is more accurate. Out of curiosity, I checked Amazon to see what else people could learn in 24 hours. Some of the more amusing/scary titles include: "Sams Teach Yourself the Internet in 24 Hours", "Alpha Teach Yourself Management Skills in 24 Hours", "Macmillan Teach Yourself Latin in 24 Hours", "Macmillan Teach Yourself Investing in 24 Hours", "Sams Teach Yourself COBOL in 24 Hours".

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