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Wow, pretty cold this morning; I can see my breath as I type this. Thermometer read -2 Celsius at 6:30 a.m. (!) The lake was gorgeous, mirror-smooth (see above photo), mist drifting across the surface. I just sat out there for a while, absorbing the quiet. When I got too cold, I went inside and lit a fire. And HEY, I managed to start a fire without any matches. Any guesses how?

Early mornings are my favourite time at the cottage. Peace and quiet are something I've come to greatly value these days. :-) As much as I love the city, it's a remarkable thing to be able to sit somewhere and not be able to hear traffic noises, people talking, doors slamming.

Jeff put in the water system yesterday. There was a minor crisis when he discovered a hole in the foot valve pump thingy, but then found an extra one in the storage room.

I worked on my article in the morning, and then we went on the Track and Tower hiking trail in the park. It was a 3.5 hr outing, and we walked about 8 km. Lots of rocky bits and climbs; 'twas a good workout. We're both trying to break in our new hiking boots in prep for out 10-day Killarney hiking trip with Alison and Jeff later this summer.

We ran into my cousin on the trail (!). He was out with his friend Rob, nephew Brendan, and Rob's nephew. It was somewhat surreal...we heard a "hi!" from ahead. I looked up and remember thinking, "Hey, that looks a lot like my cousin Andrew." Then, "Hey, that IS my cousin Andrew!" Another surprise on the trail was coming across patches of ice, still left from the winter.

Made pizza last night, using bread dough and some leftover spaghetti sauce.

Doing lots of guitar-playing, and even some songwriting :-) I miss my harp, though. :-(

The corporate world seems very far away. It's sort of whole time in Philadelphia seems like a lifetime ago. This time at the cottage is definitely helping to ground me again. I went for a long time feeling as if I was trying to walk on one of those trick floors made of panels that kept shifting around; every time I figured I had found my footing, it was pulled out from under me again.

It's good to be home. :-)

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