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LOTR log updated

In Blatherchat, Paul asked if the cottage was the same as a boathouse. Not everyone may use these terms the same way as I do, so I figured I should do some explaining and maybe offer a bit o' history.

Our cottage is on leased land in Algonquin Park. After the war, the government decided to open up the park and offer leases. Jeff's grandparents took out two leases and began building in 1950, using logs from an old barn about 50 miles away. First they built one cabin (which is now used by Jeff's aunt and uncle), then added a boathouse on the lot beside it. Jeff can correct me if I'm wrong here, but every lot could have a limited number of structures built on it, and one of those structures could be a boathouse. Boathouses are for boat storage, but many cottagers also use them as regular people-type cabins.

Our boathouse is used to store the canoes in the winter, but also is the main gathering place. It has a living room area with a fireplace, kitchen, small storage room. It's been gradually renovated over the years, with a dining room area added (where I'm sitting now). In fact, let me take a photo of it right now so you can see where I'm typing my Blatherings this morning:

The only sound is the lapping of waves against the dock, and some water starting to boil on the stove for my tea. Jeff's still sleeping, so I have the cabin to myself right now. :-)

Anyway, over the years, several sleeping cabins were built on the lot. Jeff and I built ours about ten years ago, a simple one-room cabin. We made it insulated so we could use it in the winter.

In answer to Jim's question...yes, the cottage can only be accessed by water. All the furniture and building supplies had to be transported by motor boat. I remember having to do this when we built our cabin. The lumber was deposited on the dock on the other side of the lake (and we had to trust that no one would steal it before we picked it up). We tied two motor boats together to make a sort of barge, and transported the lumber that way. I remember lying on top of the lumber pile, trying to keep any from sliding off into the water. :-)

Brrrrr...still chilly. I think I'll go put another log on the fire.

Today's Blatherpics:

I took these at about 6:30 a.m. this morning, mainly because I liked how everything looked in the morning light. Pretty chilly! Thermometer read 3 degrees Celsius, about 33 degrees Farenheit. I lit a fire to warm up the boathouse.


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