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For those who know the Kesners: Gail's father passed away a few days ago. :-( Our heartfelt sympathies go out to Jeff and Gail.

Allison and I went to see Shrek last night. Unfortunately Jodi was home sick. :-( We had dinner at Milestones, where I grilled her about LOTR. Allison refused to divulge any spoilers. I've started a new comic strip, by the way...Waiting For Frodo. It will be around until December, when the first LOTR movie comes out. The next Lord of the Rings trailer should be available online sometime today, for those interested.

LOVED Shrek. The only other thing that I will say (for fear of giving away spoilers) is that I definitely plan to go back to see this several times.

One of my favourite bits of the movie theatre experience has always been the trailers. However, I'm getting pretty tired of the television-type commercials cropping up in greater quantities before the trailers, especially ones that are played over and over and over and over again. Ones that currently drive me around the bend (because I've seen them so often are):

    - the ad for (where the family is running for the movie ticket theatre but get there too late).

    - the ad for a product called Diane (?, still not sure what it is), where teenage girls spend the whole time giggling and preening.

    - the ad for the National Post. I thought this was a cool ad in the beginning, and loved the music, but now it's just getting on my nerves.

These might only be shown in Canada, I'm not sure.

Has anyone else noticed that pre-movie trailers and ads are starting to take up more and more time? At some theatres, it's gotten to the point where you could show up nearly half an hour after the official movie showtime, and still be in time for the main feature.

Babysitting Annie and Sara most of the day, then going out with Alison, Jeff and Jeff tonight. follow-up

From Paul B.:

Hey Debbie! Two weeks a go I was sent, at great expense and by special permission, on a business trip to go and learn how to stack wood, because the head wood stacker was aboout to take "extended" leave. Day 1: They showed me the wood piles. They handed me a document describing the wood stacking process. I read it. It made sense. I admired the nifty automatic wood-stacking gzmo the head wood stacker had built to make his life easier. Day 2: I read the manual again. It still made sense. Day 3: I read it again. Still made sense, but I geel asleep halfway through. Woke up and checked the auto-stacker: STill working fine. Day 4: Asked if there was anything else should be learning (Didn't dare say "this seems too easy".) Got given manual on how the auto-stacker works. Read it. It made sense. Flew home happy. All last week: Sat and watch the auto-stacker. Read the auto-stacker manual again. Web surfed a lot. All this week: Sat and watched the auto stacker. Read the manual about half way and got bored... Web surfed a lot. Now, I have to write a report saying what I've achieved over the last 3 weeks. Ummm... Help!!! I know I asked for a less hectic job, but... (Techies: For "wood stack" read "load-build".)

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- Sushi chefs at Fune.

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Have you ever been in a physical confrontation/fight?

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