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harp pine

LOTR updated

New LOTR comic

The long weekend is over, and the loud yabboes down the shore have gone home. Unfortunately Parki is also going home today. :-(

It's windy and raining outside, about 10 degrees Celsius. I've lit a fire, and am having a mug of chamomile and spiced apple tea (thanks, Lissa!). Jeff and Parki are still asleep, of course.

Yesterday, I was surprised to find an e-mail from one of my ex-supervisors from Philadelphia in my inbox, just asking how I was doing. Despite the fact that he and I had differences during my employment in Philly, he was the only senior manager type at the company who ever expressed any genuine regret (at least to me) about the company's shutdown of Inkspot. Granted, he had just been laid off at the time, but that gesture still scores some points in my book. Just a reminder, by the way, to make sure you aren't using my address when you send me e-mail. All inkspot e-mail is dead since the Inkspot server disk space filled up over a month ago.

It's been blustery and windy and rainy for the past few days, which has been a wonderful excuse for doing extra napping and reading and otherwise lazing about. However, I'm looking forward to going back to the city this week. And Andrea's coming to visit soon, woohoo!

I miss playing my harp more than I expected. I'm sure you other musician-types will understand. I've never felt as emotionally attached to a musical instrument before. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that I was so much a part of GP's creation, helping to choose the wood, the artwork, receiving photos of GP in various stages of development. Plus I consider the harp almost a piece of art as well as having a practical function; I get pleasure out of just LOOKING at my harp, admiring the workmanship, the curve of the wood near the top of the soundboard. Add the sensation of actually playing the harp and you have a highly sensual experience. I'm sure the harpers out there are nodding enthusiastically while everyone else is thinking, "Geez, what's IN the water up at that cottage??" Though other musicians may feel similarly, especially if they did a lot of research and drooling over guitars or other instruments in the store before finally settling on one. :-)

Many thanks to Joel Polowin for sending me the music for the Friendly Giant theme...I'm really looking forward to going through that when I get back. I'm also hoping to get in another harp lesson or two to keep me on track.

I finished my "Dot Com Survivor" song yesterday. Many thanks to technonerdboys Jeff, Parki, Reid, Andy, Andrew, and Bryan for their contributions. :-)

Message from Karen Linsley

Details about the unveiling of Lloyd Landa's memorial: Sunday June 10, at 2:00 p.m. at Pardes Shalom Cemetery. My understanding is that it is about a mile and a half north of Major Mackenzie off of Dufferin. After the ceremony we go back to Lloyd's cousin Elaine's for refreshments. Her address is 27 Tyrrel, near St. Clair and Wychwood. For further directions her number is 416-651-2530. I'm hoping to see my friends there. This will be a difficult day for me.

Message from Andrea

(who recently updated her filk column, by the way)

Hey all,

I am writing a column for The Dandelion Report ( called "The Supporting Note." The column is written for new and beginning filkers. With that in mind, my next column will be about housefilks (to be published within the next two weeks).

I'd like to include a list of contacts for "open" housefilks that occur on a regular basis. By open, I mean that the housefilk can be attended by anyone who contacts the person on the contact list (see below) and asks . . . I'd like to include the following information:

1) name and email address of contact (it doesn't have to be the host, since that can change) . . .I'll list up to three contacts per housefilk . . .

2) how often the housefilk occurs (typically)

3) Location of the housefilk, or the cities (for example, in Mid-Ohio our housefilks can be in Dayton, OH; Columbus, OH; and Cincinnati, OH.

Note: I'd really like this list to include housefilks in the UK, Germany, Australia, where ever!! Please pass this message to anyone who could send me the above info . . .

Your help would be greatly appreciated :-) And Thanks!!

See ya!



Andrea Dale

Today's Blatherpics:

- A sunrise last week. None of my sunrise photos are Photoshopped in any way, in case you're curious (a few have asked). If anything, the colours in the photos are not nearly as impressive as in real life.

- Jeff and Parki.

- Recording scratch vocals for Allison and Jodi. I rely on our ancient 4-track recorder to help me figure out if particular harmonies or counterpoint parts work together. Sometimes I ask Allison and Jodi to come up with harmonies etc., but sometimes I find it better to write out the parts, particularly if they're somewhat complex.

Today's Poll: (Courtesy Parki)

Have you ever bought anything on eBay?

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