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working on the Studebaker

LOTR updated

I have to confess that I'm enjoying reading Lord of the Rings much more than I expected (sorry, Reid). Jeff is highly amused, since I expressed major skepticism before.

I enjoyed Parki's Guest Blathering yesterday so much that I've asked him to do another one later today. Stay tuned for that...

We've started using the phrase, "Think I'll go work on the Studebaker" as a euphemism for "Going to have a nap now". :-)

YAY, the noisy yobboes down the lake weren't up at 5 a.m. this morning. I got e-mail about the subject from a good friend of ours in Ireland which made me laugh out loud:

Why don't you oldsters lay off the party dudes at the other end of the lake? If you wrinklies can't handle a little bit of high-spirited good fun, maybe you should pack up your Bugattis and head back to Damp Squib Avenue, Boredom Heights. People like us, me and my party friends, are sick of being shut down by the man. You are a menace to our soul-groove.


Guest Blatherer: Brian Parkinson

Wind's kicking up Dorothy - get Toto inside.

Slept in this morning, as that strange slumbering second sight knew the day had a different pressure - it's cloudy here, and it looks like rain. This sort of weather is perfect, as what we really need around here is a day to slug about the cottage reading books etc. Which is to say that there will be no changes in behaviour from any other day, but it will feel different somehow. I rather like the rain, and I hope it's a huge great beater of a storm that rolls in - all boom and crack and torrent. That would be fine.

I just noticed over at EBay that a first edition set of Lord Of The Rings is currently bidding at $560.00 USD. Wow. I went a little EBay-crazy a while ago, and I still check it out every now and then - it's an amazing thing. If you collect anything obtuse, someone will be selling it. Jeff wondered the other day about an inverse EBay (where you post what you'd like to buy as opposed to sell) - this must be out there somewhere.

Yesterday after dinner we had a kitchen-chat after a great dinner (spagetti, with tomato and bocconchini cheese salad, and one-sided garlic bread). We re-grouped onto the couch, and Debbie valiantly tried to stay awake. Witnessing her brain unwire in the conflict between the inner pull for unconsciousness and the conscious desire to stay awake was amusing, to say the least. We barely made it past midnight. She doesn't remember all of what she said, and we're certainly not filling in the gaps.

"Nap time", Debbie just announced, followed by that door slam sound consistent with cottages everywhere. She's not just good at sleep, she's got TALENT.

Today I plan to do very little - I came here with three books, and true to schedule, two are down, with one to go. So, it's a reading day, interspersed with naps and food. Like any other day up here.

'Cept it might rain.

Today's Blatherpics:

- Watching the sunrise.

- My first LOTR comic! (posted on my LOTR page).

Today's Poll: (Courtesy Parki)

Are you happy in your job?

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