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yet another sunrise

Comic updated

LOTR updated

Hey cool, mentioned my LOTR site. I had wondered where all the new postings were coming from... :-)

"You get to see an experienced writer respond to the book for the first time, and then there's the responses to her from other people. It's great to see a skeptic getting gradually drawn in to the story."

No way, I refuse to be drawn in! Never!!!

(Well, maybe just a little.)

Geez, more people to lynch me if I end up not liking the rest of the trilogy. =:-O

Spent most of yesterday hiking. This time we took loaded packs (more training for our backpacking trip in August!). Jeff took a full-size trip backpack; I took a regular daypack. I plan to gradually increase my pack size and weight over the next few months.

We went out to Rainbow Lake again and set up a tent for afternoon napping as well as cooking gear and supplies for dinner. The bugs were pretty bad in the woods, especially the blackflies. I dislike blackflies more than mosquitoes mainly because they tend to swarm, you can't hear them coming, and their bites hurt. They are also very good at finding openings in your clothing and getting under your hair. And if they're really hungry, they tend to ignore insect repellent.

We decided to have dinner back at the cottage instead of at the campsite, but took a nap first. On the way back, I wore my bug shirt. Looks pretty bizarre (see below picture), but works like a charm. The see-through mesh allows air to pass through, and is ultra-light. I'm bringing this on our backpacking trip, just in case. I got enormous satisfaction as mosquitoes and blackflies hurled themselves at my face, only to be foiled by my bug shirt.

Cloudy and cool today...Jeff and I have agreed to have a "laze about the cottage" day. My proposed itinerary for today (in no particular order):

- Read LOTR.

- Nap.

- Do more experimentation with outback oven, maybe do chocolate brownies.

- Nap.

- Practise guitar/songwriting.

- Nap.

- Work on comic.

- Nap.

- Play around with Flash some more.

- Have a sauna.

- Nap.

- Do some e-mailing, other online stuff.

- Nap.


Hmmm...looks like my Action Task List is a bit heavy on the napping. It might be more time-efficient to lump all the mini-naps into one Daily Objective of a mega-nap this afternoon. But will this leave time for making chocolate brownies? Perhaps Jeff and I should do a F2F ("Face To Face Meeting"...thanks for this term, Helen!) to facilitate implementation of more proactive goal-setting priorities.

I was highly amused by the results of yesterday's Blatherings poll. Of the 19 people that have responded so far, 16 had something in their fridge that was past its prime. Bob Esty added the following anecdote:

"True story. A friend of mine got a roast goose for a holiday, forgot about it, put it in an unused refrigerator, and then left it unplugged. For six months. They finally moved the refrigerator outside, pulled out the hinges on the fridge, and ran!....:-("

From Seanan:

"Several years ago, when we lived in The Unholy Slum of Eternal Darkness (i.e., the Village Green Apartments), we had a housewarming party. At some point during the housewarming party, a two-thirds full gallon container of orange juice got shoved behind the curtain in the upstairs study, so that it (the orange juice) was completely out of sight, yet subjected to full sunlight at the same time. We found it about six months later. The seal had been secure, so it wasn't moldy...just fermented. The juice had seperated into sedamentary layers, and it smelled like someone had been making screwdrivers. Had we possessed any common sense, we would have thrown it out. Instead, we moved it out of the sunlight, into a cool, dry place, and kept it for about another eight months. At the end of this time, it was a thin, clear orange liquid; it smelled strongly of alcohol; and it tested in the DVC chem lab as being approximately twenty-seven proof. Then we moved, and Alex made me leave it behind as a 'gift' for the new tenants of our apartment. Here endith the lesson."

From Paul:

"This is just too good an opportunity to put in a favorite old quote from George Carlin: 'Leftovers are great, because you get to feel good about yourself _twice_! You put it into the fridge, and you feel good, because you're _saving_ food. Then, six months later, you throw it away, and you feel good, because you're _saving_ your _life_!' :{)}"

Today's Blatherpics:

- Yet another sunrise.

- Me in my bug shirt. The face panel is folded up (Jeff said it made me look like Mickey Mouse and insisted on taking this picture to prove it), but can be pulled down for Full Upper Torso Protection. :-)

Today's Poll:

If you were offered a million dollars to go for six months without bathing, would you accept?

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