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Finished writing my Harry Potter song yesterday. 'Twas fun writing it, though it started out as a serious lyric. My songs tend to do that a lot...start out as one thing, and then start twisting themselves around. :-)

Jeff and I hiked to Rainbow Lake yesterday afternoon. Very pretty; I opted to snooze in the sun while Jeff went on an exploratory bushwhacking expedition to a nearby campsite. We got back to the cottage at around 5 pm, had a sauna, and I took a shower. Jeff installed a new showerhead on the same day that he activated the water system. Here's me enjoying the outdoor shower. Outdoor showers are wonderful, but at this time of year it's somewhat of an acrobatic act, especially if it's breezy -- you tend to jump around a bit to stay in the hot's COLD in the open air! :-)

I woke up at about 5 a.m. this morning, sat on the dock to watch the sunrise. UNBELIEVEABLE how noisy it is at that time of day. Well, perhaps "noise" isn't the right term. It sounded like a zillion lovesick loons were calling to each other across all the lakes in the park. A duck obviously felt he had to join in as well, and his call was a clearly defined "QUACK". It was sort of funny, actually, how much it really sounded like the word "QUACK", as if a very good duck hunter was giving the call (though I couldn't help feeling sorry for him, because no other ducks were answering). Other voices joining the morning cacaphony included owls, nuthatches, ruffed grouse, and an assortment of songbirds. I half-expected Jeff to stumble sleepily out of our cabin, complaining about the noise.

And then at precisely 5:12 a.m., almost as if on cue, the morning choir stopped. Or at least most of them did; the songbirds remained (sounded rather smug about the fact, too). Maybe the others found something else to do. I'm curious about whether this timing remains consistent every morning. The sun finally peeked over the trees at around 6 a.m.

One thing that I love about early morning is watching the light change. The light at 5 a.m. (moonlight edged by a hint of impending sunrise) makes everything look and feel much different than an hour later. It's amazing; everyone has to try it at least once in their life. Morning people have a slight edge over night people in this case. :-)

Today's Blatherpics:

- Snoozing at Rainbow Lake. I put my windbreaker over my head to keep the sun out of my eyes and the bugs out of my face.

-Jeff spotted this garter snake on the trail.

- These wet footprints were on the steps coming up from the dock at 5 a.m. My guess is a raccoon.


Have you ever gotten up early specifically to watch the sunrise?

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