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david gray concert

New Filk Forte topic by Allison:
How would you describe your perfect filk circle?

Felt old last night. After a thoroughly enjoyable dinner with some friends at C'est What, we went to a David Gray concert at the Warehouse. I really like his music, but last night I finally realized that I'm just not cut out for this type of smoke-hazed, beer-on-the-cement-floor, everyone standing straining to see over the people in front of you (except for tall people like Jeff, of course) concert venue anymore. I ended up sitting on the floor near the exit (better air circulation there) with Kate and Luisa. I have could have handled it ok were it not for the smoke. I got double-whammied with pleurisy and bronchitis years ago, and since then have had real problems with cigarette smoke. None of my close friends smoke so I've gotten somewhat spoiled, I think. :-)

So as I sat cross-legged on the cement floor, unable to see the stage, unable to distinguish any lyrics (bad acoustics where we were sitting), having to yell at the top of my lungs to have any sort of conversation, desperately trying not to throw up on Kate and Luisa, I couldn't help but wonder if I wouldn't be better off being home listening to a David Gray CD. Luisa and I ended up cutting out early, both of us feeling a little old-fogeyish but secretly relieved. I had a long bath and read about cross-under fingering technique in Harp Column.

Jeff came home about an hour later, raving about how great the concert was. I tried very hard to stay awake, but realized it was a losing battle when I started to sleep-talk. Jodi and Allison have both heard me sleep-talking...sometimes when I get very, very sleepy but am trying very, very hard to stay awake, I start babbling non-sequiturs. This time, however, I became aware of what I was doing.

"Did I just say, 'Madeleine Machine Thingies'?" I asked Jeff suddenly.

"Yes, you did." He sounded highly amused.

"Why? What were we just talking about?"

"I have no idea why you said it. I think you should go to sleep now."

Allison and Jodi claim that late one night at a filk convention, after we had gone to bed and turned the lights out, I told them a story about Xena and Allison's Tamagochi (remember them?!) creature. I would have accused them of making the whole thing up were it not for the fact that I had the vaguest recollection, almost like the wisps of a dream that remain for a few seconds after you wake in the morning.

I'm up to an average of receiving 80 e-mail messages a day now, according to the Eudora stats program. Hm. Some of this is spam, of course, as well as being on a few mailing lists. I am determined not to approach my Inkspot-levels, must figure out how to ensure that. Recent stats, for those interested: daily average 360 visits, 7500 hits, 1600 pages. Lowest traffic on the weekends, highest midweek. Most popular visit times: 10 am EST, then 3-4 pm EST. Most popular page is my Blatherings, followed by the message boards, main Electric Penguin page, Blatherchat, Dandelion Report, and then my Harp Resource. Popular search strings: "anabukin-chan", "blatherchat", "pregnant women photos", "debbiecam", "algonquin ice out", "litterbox font", and "UK Photos of my sister naked" (?!?).

Today's Blatherpic:

Amanda Snyder, Beckett Gladney, and me. This photo was taken several years ago, when I went to visit the West coast. Amanda and Beckett took me to some fairgrounds (can't recall the name...Amanda? Beckett?)

Today's Link:

CartoonKate. Parki's super-talented sister! She came to the concert last night and we talked about Greymatter and Shockwave Flash.

Today's Poll Question:

Have you ever given money to a street musician?

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