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Another filk baby! From a Blatherchat posting by John O'Halloran: "More Filk Expansion! Received this morning: Aminda Rose Capp was born at 3:28 am at O'Connor Hospital in San Jose, California. The vital stats are healthy (a perfect 10) 7Lbs 5oz, 19.5 inches. Daughter of Fred Capp and Robin Baylor" Many congrats, Fred and Robin!

Went to my sister's last night for dinner. I showed her how to use a news board I set up on her site through Greymatter (I set one up on my mom-in-law's site as well - I am a Greymatter Junkie, thanks to my friend Josh). While we were at the computer, Sara watches intently and then asks if she can post something online. I show her Blatherchat, and am thrilled when she says she'd like to add a posting. Sara typed the whole thing herself:

"i have a speshell dolly named well dolly my favret sport is soker fysgfiewyhfiusyrfhdufhsliurshfigs eirhfeifheiuhrueihrduhturheu sara {name removed for privacy reasons}."

Yay, my niece's first Blatherchat posting! I am going to save it so I can embarrass her with it when she's older. I am such a thoughtful aunt.

After dinner, Sara asked if I could play soccer with her in the backyard. Eek, I thought. I only had open-toed Birkenstocks. But how could I say no? And wow, she's actually pretty good. I was huffing and puffing, trying not to trip over my sandals, while Sara darted around me, laughing. It reminded me of how I felt as an awkward teenager, feeling all gangly (what a great word, that) and uncoordinated.

Were any of you jock-types back in high school? I know Rand was (Ookla The Mok's album is now officially available, by the way...see Rand's Ookla Says column). I was pretty much an anti-jock...I was in the school band and the Library Club (we put away returned books for the librarians, woohoo!). I hated Phys.Ed., except for the class study topics, like Health and Sex Ed., which we all pretended to find dull but secretly found fascinating.

Even as grown-up, I still tend to see myself as an uncoordinated couch potato type (or "mouse potato", a term Jeff came up with which I quite like), even though I work out at the gym 3-5 times a week and survived -and actually enjoyed- a gruelling canoe trip on the Nahanni River. It's sometimes pretty tough to break out of the box you help other people build for you in childhood.

Today's Blatherpic:

Parki and Jeff at the cottage, years ago.

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