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Brrrr....Toronto sure is a heckuva lot colder than California.

Allison, Jodi and I had a ton of fun at Consonance. The tough thing about going to conventions across the continent is having to say good-bye at the end of the weekend, knowing that it will likely be a long time before you see some of these people again. Sigh. I sure hope someone will hurry up and invent transporters. Many, many thanks to the Consonance concom for inviting us as guests.

And we got to see the Kwinn twins! They were absolutely adorable, of course. I got to hold both Riley and Casey, who gurgled and dozed and smiled at me (I'm sure Beckett and Paul will tell me they weren't real smiles but just gas, but what do they know). The new parents looked remarkable awake and cheerful. It was also great to see Alisa, Luis and Tommy when we visited. Alisa looks radiant (but is also very much looking forward to having the baby so she can get the "radiant pregnant women" part over with :)).

Wonderful to see some of the Blatherchatters in person again! All their concert sets went wonderfully: Gary, Merav, Dave. More details in upcoming Blatherings. Allison and Jodi will likely be posting comments as well (and Dave said that he'll be coming up with a full con report soon). For now, here's just a few of my highlights from the weekend:

Some of my Consonance highlights:
(to be continued)

  • References to Karen Linsley and Lloyd Llanda throughout the convention. It was obvious that both Karen and Lloyd had made quite the impression (and many friends) in California during their visit to Conchord in 1997 as Interfilk guests. Quiet tears were shed in the audience during Kathleen Sloan's concert (see photo) set when she performed "The Road To Roswell", Karen's and Lloyd's Pegasus award-winning song. I think Lloyd would have been touched by the performance as well as by the obvious caring and support from the West coast filk community.

  • Divas of Chaotica. Members (left to right, in photo): Jeff Bonhoff, Nancy Freeman, Maya Bonhoff, Debbie Baudoin (formerly of The Duras Sisters), Dr. Jane Robinson. You really, really must hear this filk group perform. They're amazing, fun, and give an outstanding performance. I'm hoping they come out with a CD soon! I did pick up Jeff's and Maya's new CD release, "Retro Rocket Science", which is excellent. I brought it home and played it for Jeff (who has never been to a sf/filk convention and who has never heard Urban Tapestry perform in concert), and he was really impressed. Hm...maybe Jeff and I will be going to Consonance together someday soon. :)

  • Hearing Carla Ulbrich perform. Apparently she already had caused quite the stir at GaFilk. Wow, super-talented performer. Loved her repertoire (and am thoroughly enjoying the CD I bought at the convention), and twisted sense of humour. Carla says she is going to try to make OVFF. My favourite songs included: "Boy Wonder", "What If Your Girlfriend Was Gone", "Wedgie", "Please Do Something Stupid". More on Carla in an upcoming Blathering.

    Today's Blatherpics:
  • I took this photo just before some of us went out for a dinner run during the weekend.
  • Casey and Riley (the Kwinn twins) with proud parents.
  • From Steve Macdonald's World Dream recording at Consonance.
  • Kathleen Sloan performing "The Road To Roswell".
  • The Divas of Chaotica in concert.
  • Carla Ulbrich in concert.
  • Allison, Jodi and I on the flight home. I took this picture by holding out the camera in front of us. We are somewhat giddy.

    Here's a mini-report from Dave Weingart posted on Blatherchat:
    "Despite the snow, despite the wind, despite Gary Erlich travelling the same day, I am here, back in NY and missing all of you. Consonance was wonderful, even if there was nobody left to sing the Hockey Monkey Song at me by the time I finally left the hotel. A full conrep is coming in a day or two or three, but a few memories that burn brightest: the WorlDream recording, practicing with Debbie and Jodi and Allison (and singing with them; I really *can't* thank them enough), Steve's reaction when Merav's song, "Many Huns, One War" was sprung on him at open filk, realizing I had no breath to sing with at the start of my concert, all these people and voices around me, the Divas of Chaotica singing about the Leather Pants of Evil, the Sunday night dinner run, Carla Ullbrich's wedgie song, *** If I carry one very special memory away from Consonance, it will be, I think, Kathleen Sloan singing "Road to Roswell" during her set on Sunday. Working on my conrep on the plane home yesterday, I found myself still crying at the memory of it (I didn't think to bring a napkin or handkerchief or anything during the concert...didn't think I'd need one until then.) *** More tea is needed; my body still thinks it's not quite 7 AM and the snow is falling here in NY."

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