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Many thanks to Jodi for setting up an MP3 site for Urban Tapestry!

Sara and Annie came over yesterday morning to watch the Iron Giant on DVD. Annie asked Jeff to hide our blue wooden dog (see Andrea's photo page) because it scares her. Whilst wandering around our apartment, our nieces also found one of Jeff's childhood toys, Flatmouse. Flatmouse is, well, a flat mouse. Annie asked Uncle Jeff if a truck had run over his mouse, but he told her that the mouse came that way.

And heck, while I'm on the subject of cute, embarrassing stories about Jeff, I might as well tell you about the time he got a pussy willow stuck up his nose as a child, and his mother had to take him to the emergency ward at the hospital to get it removed. She kept the pussy willow, and has considered getting it bronzed for me since I find the story so highly amusing. :-)

Today's Blatherpics:
  • Jodi and me at the Chicago airport, on the way home from Consonance.
  • Flatmouse, Jeff's favourite childhood toy.
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