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ut practice

Allison and Jodi came to my place for practice last night. I had had a very bad day and had been on the verge of cancelling (not wanting to drag them down as well). I'm glad I didn't.

We had dinner at Swiss Chalet, then went back to my apartment to practice. Wow, am I ever rusty...I did very little practising in Philadelphia (except of my harp), and it shows. We tried working out a third harmony for me to sing on the chorus of Chris Conway's "Alien Jellyfish Song", and I was having the darndest time with one of the interval jumps. Jodi and Allison were very patient with me (their own vocals on the song are VERY cool...way 'til you hear them, Chris! SUCH a fun song to perform). Instead of getting frustrated and impatient, they poked gentle fun at me until we were all laughing hysterically. 'Twas very good for me, and made me appreciate even more the value of the musical partnership we have.

I played them the piece I had written for my harp teacher (my first harp composition!), and also experimented with doing some harp accompaniment on "I Am Stardust". I need a LOT more practice before I can improvise on the harp the way I do on the flute. We also finalized our concert playlists for Ad Astra and Consonance as well as the playlist for our children's concert at Consonance.

This weekend, Jeff and I are going up to the cottage with my sister and her family. Sara has apparently been so excited about the upcoming trip that she's had her knapsack packed for over a week in preparation.

Have a great weekend, everyone! I'm looking forward to hearing the reports from ConThirteena. :-)

Today's Blatherpic:

Scott Murray flirting with my husband.

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