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It rained in Toronto yesterday, yuk. I'd far prefer a blizzard to rain, especially the kind of rain which hasn't quite made up its mind whether or not to turn to ice, and chills to the bone.

Best wishes to those who are gathering at ConThirteena, the 13th UK Filk Convention. Tim and Annie Walker are GoHs, Barry and Sally Childs-Helton are Overseas Guests of Honour, and Scott Snyder is a Special Guest. I wish I could be there; Urban Tapestry had a TON of fun at last year's UK Filk Convention.

Jeff and I went to see "Finding Forrester" a couple of nights ago (on our "date night") and both of us liked it. I found it very similar to "Good Will Hunting", but the emphasis on writing instead of mathematics was irresistable to me. I thought that Sean Connery was especially appealing in the movie. ;-) I'm a sucker for older, balding men with Scottish accents.

After the movie, we browsed a nearby Chapters bookstore, and I picked up my favourite hot drink: a short, nonfat, Lactaid Tazo Chai Tea. My friend Alison George introduced me to this Starbucks drink, and I've been hooked ever since. My only problem is that it tends to give me the hiccups. I take a sip, I hiccup, I take another sip, I hiccup. It's worth it, though.

Are there any tea drinkers out there? Black or herbal? I prefer herbal. Jeff introduced me to herbal teas. I still have strong memories of cups of sweetened blackcurrant tea in front of the fire while Jeff played guitar in his pirate shirt. Jeff will try making me take out that bit about the pirate shirt, I'm sure, but I won't. I loved that shirt, with its puffy sleeves and drawstring neck; any guy wearing that sort of thing now would be laughed off the street, of course, but back then it was dashing and romantic. I bet Jeff's going to try to make me take out this whole paragraph now. :-)

But back to tea. I like strongly flavoured teas which are naturally sweet, like cinnamon and licorice and ginger and chai. I'm thinking about making my own ginger tea from scratch, just to see if I can do it. Any advice much appreciated. :-)

Today's Blatherpic:
A self-portrait photograph by my 6-year-old niece, Sara.

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