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LOTR/new car

LOTR comic

Yay, we have a car big enough to hold my harp!

Ok, so maybe that's not the most relevant point about the car, but it was the most exciting point for me. Jeff seems to have been researching a potential new vehicle for years, and finally made the plunge recently. Our old car was about nine years old and things were starting to go. Jeff insists this was normal for a nine-year-old car, but it did make me nervous when we were on highways and something in the car started making a funny noise and Jeff would get a worried look on his face and mutter something about the brakes needed replacing. I don't know much about cars, but I knew that brakes are supposed to be Important.

I'm not a driver, so confess I wasn't too involved in the intense research Jeff did before deciding on what kind of car to get, at least beyond the two most important factors:

-- Any colour is fine except lime green.

-- Will it hold my harp?

Even though I'm not a car person, I did feel a momentary twinge of regret as we left the old Jetta in the parking lot of the car dealership. It looked lonely and abandoned, sitting there with its rust stains and dents and scratches. And I remembered all the adventures it had taken us through, the different times in our lives together. Not quite as old as our marriage, but almost. The poor thing looked pretty dingy sitting there beside Jeff's shiny new Mazda Tribute. The latter looked almost smug to me, overshadowing our old car, looking big enough to tromp all over it with its fancy new treads if it wanted to.

But then I smartened up and realized, "Get real, girl, these are CARS."

And besides, the new car can hold my harp. :-)

new car

Today's pics:

- Self-portrait comic.

- Jeff's old car (on the left, being traded in) for the new car (on the right, a Mazda Tribute).

Today's Poll: (Courtesy Sherman Dorn)

Do you think zebras are black animals with white stripes (click yes) or
white animals with black stripes (click no)?

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