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Update 12:58 pm: ACK!!!! Humble apologies to any of you who have sent me e-mail in the past little while and not received a reply. I've just discovered I've screwed up my e-mail filters, and any e-mail which didn't have my e-mail address in the main TO: field was filtered into my spam mailbox. This includes any e-mail which was cc:ed to me. I am going through my spam-box now...

Hey, I got a letter from Shane's girlfriend! (Shane is the cute Weta Digital guy who originally wrote to me about my Waiting For Frodo comic strip.) I've asked for permission to post her letter on my site, so stay tuned. Weta just had their wrap party, by the way. :-)

Went to East Side Mario's for lunch out in Scarborough yesterday with Jeff, Scott, Luisa and her sons Ronnie and Michael (do check out Ronnie's and Michael's cool Halowe'en costumes on Luisa's page). Scott had been up until 6 am working doing programming.

Checked out a Holiday Inn in the area after lunch...Jeff and Luisa are planning a LAN party for friends, and were considering booking a penthouse suite in the hotel for the event.

Went to my sister's place afterwards, where my dad made a yummy lamb dinner. Sara and Annie had gone to the "Journey to Middle Earth" exhibit at Casa Loma on Saturday and loved it, and had run into Allison and John.

Did some more work on my "Waiting For Frodo" song last night, and am hoping to get it finished by the time Allison, Jodi and I get together for our next practice. Unfortunately we had to cancel last week and this week's practice because Allison had school musical rehearsals (she and another teacher are organizing a production of "Joseph and the Technicoloured Dreamcoat").

In my efforts to budget re: travelling, I've come up with a list of sf/filk conventions I plan to attend next year. I've blown most of my frequent flyer points this past year, so will be doing mostly local events.


(***)Feb 8-10, Toronto: Ad Astra

(***)April 5-7, Toronto: FilKOntario

June 21-23, greater NYC area: Contata (no web page available yet)

July 5-7, 2002, Toronto Trek (no web page available yet) -- tentative

(***)(PPP)Aug 2-4, California: Conchord (no web page available yet)

- We're Guests of Honor at this convention, woohoo! :-)

Nov 1-3, Ohio: Ohio Valley Filk Fest


The ones prefaced with (***) are conventions which all three Urban Tapestry members are able to attend; finances are more of an issue with us these days. Conventions prefaced with (PPP) are ones where we have confirmed programming, such as concerts, workshops, whatever.


New Waiting For Frodo strip (Title: "Monsters Inc")

The Sims Take on Al Qaeda

Author suing "Harry Potter" author having a hard time

Read Lord of the Rings in 5 Seconds (one page comic strip summary of the entire trilogy from the Swedish magazine "Codex")


- Luisa and me, yesterday.

- Scott.

- Scott with fake teeth and glasses, and me.

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