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monsters inc.

Graham Leathers on CBC radio this weekend!

From Graham on Blatherchat:

We just got word that our Madly Off in All Directions show will be broadcast this weekend on Saturday at 6:00 PM on CBC Radio 2, and Sunday on CBC Radio 1 at 1:00 PM. It is national so everyone in Canada, please tune in. It may also be broadcast on the internet, I am not sure about that, but check out for more on that. It was a real high water mark in my show biz carreer, and I hope I can share it with all of you.

Graham, by the way, is Bryan's (the guy in the photo at the top of this page) cousin.

Unfortunately I didn't see Gray's message in time yesterday, nor will be able to be near a radio at 1 pm today. Is anyone out there recording the show? I would be happy to pay for any postage/handling for a copy!

My Life In A Nutshell

I committed one of the cardinal L'User sins this morning. Worked for about half an hour on a new My Life In A Nutshell comic (Bill Sutton told me that it was about time I did a new one, after all :)), DIDN'T SAVE MY FILE, and then Painter crashed. I lost it allt like kicking myself in the head. But I didn't, because that would hurt me in ways losing a file couldn't possibly.

I confess I've been neglecting My Life In A Nutshell lately because I was getting tired of rehashing my brush with corporate life. It was fun therapy at first, but now I'd just like to put it behind me and get the comic caught up to my current life. So you can probably expect a bunch of Nutshell comics to speed me through the dying days of Inkspot in the next little while. Get added to the notify list if you want to receive notices when I post a new strip.

Monsters Inc.

Went out for dim sum with Brian, Parki, and Jeff yesterday afternoon. Hoovered down numerous pork buns, decided against trying chicken feet after all (no one else at the table was even remotely interested). I love compartmentalized food.

Met Scott at the Paramount for Monsters Inc. Mega-line-up of parents and kids. After we got our seats, a little blonde girl beside Scott took a liking to him and began babbling all sorts of little-girl stuff, obviously a flirtatious attempt to engage him in conversation. Pretty amusing to watch, actually, since Scott's a pretty imposing-looking guy (though he's a marshmallow inside, especially when it comes to kids (he'll probably kill me for divulging his secret like this, I'm sure)).

Surprise bonus for us in the movie preamble:

Harry Potter trailer - VERY COOL. Looks even better than it did in the last trailer. Can't wait!!

Star Wars trailer - A bit lame as a trailer, I thought (mostly consisted of not-that-interesting background music as a brief montage of clips from the movie flashed by. Still, exciting to see anything to do with Episode II at all, really.

"For The Birds" - A Pixar short animated film. REALLY funny. :-)

As for the movie Monsters Inc. itself, I LOVED it. Must see it again soon. I love the type of kids' movie which has a whole second level of meaning for adults. Unique storyline ideas, too, an unusual thing nowadays. I won't say anymore for fear of giving away spoilers.

Also have to say that movies like Monsters Inc., Shrek, and Toy Story sure do make the "Snow White - Beauty & the Beast"-type offerings from Disney proper look pretty lame. Speaking of Beauty & the Beast, looks like they're doing a big-screen rerelease, and a sequel to Peter Pan.

After the movie, Parki and Scott went home. Bryan came over for a couple of hours to do tech stuff with Jeff and watch part of Ralph Bakshi's "Lord of the Rings" with me. I was unable to watch the entire length of the latter, yuk. But I -was- inspired to start writing a Waiting For Frodo song for Urban Tapestry. The entire chorus popped into my head, so of course I had to write it down immediately. Working on the verses now...


- Bryan Fullerton on his cellphone during dim sum. Bryan runs Samurai Consulting, and also hosts all my personal websites plus OVFF web page. He also hosted my Inklings newsletter. Bryan is my TechnoHero.

- Brian Parkinson ("Parki") and Jeff

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