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Guest Blatherer: Helen Waters

Philly CD

From Helen:

I'm back in Toronto for a couple of weeks. Went into a Tim Horton's today, not because I particularly wanted a box of Timbits, but just because I could. I must be homesick, the experience struck me as highly profound.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Timbit, these are tiny round donuts, available in assorted flavours and usually purchased in a box (although I do believe you can buy just the one).

Contrast to the spherical speciality of 's-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch), Holland, Bossche Bollen — cream-filled profiteroles the size of your head!

Apparently, there are strict rules governing the dimensions and consistency of the Bossche Bol (courtesy of, poor translation by Helen Waters in the style of Yoda):

"A real Bossche Bol measures 6 cm high and precisely 8 cm in the middle. The perimeter of the bottom is 25.1 cm. The weight is 145 gram, of which 85 grams must be real confectionery cream. 35 grams of real chocolate goes into the sauce, and there sits now the speciality."

So if the circumference of your dessert is 25 cm or 25.2 cm, it's just a giant profiterole. Good to know. I wonder if some poor sod has to measure all the chocolate balls? I want to be a Bosschebollenmetenbeheerder (Manager of Bossche Bollen Measurments). Imagine all the rejects! MMMmmm!

The secret to a real Bossche Bol is therefore following a special and extremely mysterious recipe for the chocolate topping. Namely, the chocolate must not be too soft, because then drips it off the ball. But it must also not be too hard, because then breaks it with the first mouthful you take.

Briefly, only if the chocolate sauce has precisely the right structure can it be called a Bossche Bol. There are only a couple of bakers in 's-Hertogenbosch (here is one: note outstandingly bad use of background tiling) who manage the art and it is therefore not crazy that locals also frequently call them "chocolate balls".

Timmy Ho's strict rules governing the dimensions and consistency of the TimBit: "bite-sized donut hole".

Timbits: spherical delicacy from CanadaBossche Bollen: spherical delicacy from Holland

-- Helen


A CD compilation that Helen made for me when I moved to Philly. You can find details about it here. Better yet, check out Helen's very cool Web site. Helen cringed when she saw that I chose this CD cover, saying that it's her least favourite because she didn't have much time to work on it. So if you want to see her other CD covers, be sure to check her site.

Today's Poll: (Courtesy Helen)

Would you rather have a Bossche Bol or a TimBit? (YES for a Bossche Bol, NO for a TimBit?)

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