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obsessed geeky fangirl

LOTR ticket

Yay, so Jeff and I have our tickets for the opening show of the Lord of the Rings movie on Dec. 19th! As do Reid, Luisa, their son Michael, Scott, Bryan and possibly Parki. Not sure exactly what time we'll be lining up, but I'm likely going to be there pretty early. I have a reputation to maintain, after all. At the very least, a reputation of being an obsessed geeky fangirl who hadn't yet even read Lord of the Rings eight months ago.

Went to see Harry Potter again last night, this time with Christine and Andy, went to Chapters for a Chai Latte afterward. Though we ended up heading into the theatre only ten minutes before the movie started, it wasn't nearly as crowded as I expected. I enjoyed HP even more the third time, though I have to say that I'm getting really, really tired of the same commercials and trailers that run before the movie. My current teeth-on-edge make-it-stop commercial is for a hair colouring product. Lots of smiling waifs jumping up and down in slow motion, their exquisitely-hued hair billowing in waves around them. The last line of the commercial is, "Are You Open?" When I saw HP with Jeff, Parki, Lindsay and Wendy, we all felt compelled to poll each other at the end of this commercial: "Are you open?" "Yes, are YOU open?" Everyone was open except for Jeff.

While waiting for Christine and Andy at the Paramount, I had a rather circular conversation with a security guard in the lobby. The following is an unexaggerated excerpt.

ME: "Hi there. I'm going to be showing up early on opening day for Lord of the Rings. Do you know where I should be lining up?"

GUARD: "You can go right upstairs and wait."

ME: "What time does the Paramount open on a weekday?"

GUARD: "11:30 a.m."

ME: "Ok, well, the Lord of the Rings movie doesn't start until noon. People are probably going to be lining up well before that, don't you think?"

GUARD: (blank puzzlement)

ME: "If I show up before the Paramount opens, where on the sidewalk out there do people usually start lining up?"

GUARD: "You don't have to line up on the sidewalk. You can come right inside and go upstairs."

ME: "But the Paramount doesn't open until 11:30, right?"

GUARD nods.

ME: "What if people show up earlier? Where is the best place to start lining up outside."

GUARD: "People aren't going to be lining up outside."

ME: "Believe me, they will be. This is 'Lord of the Rings'...I suspect that some people will be showing up more than half an hour before the movie. Where do you think they should be lining up?"


Fortunately Andy and Christine showed up before I gave in to the urge to shake the slack-jawed guy by the shoulders.

Debbie reading


Yay, looks like Dave Clement is going to be visiting with me around the weekend of FilKONtario!

Also looks like I'm going to be doing a monthly column for The Muse's Muse, with a focus on basic music theory for songwriters.

Please note that Allison's e-mail address has changed from to

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- My Lord of the Rings ticket (thanks, Jeff!).

- Me, in the morning, at the Wickinninish Inn near Vancouver, B.C.

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