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Saw the Harry Potter movie again last night with Jeff, Parki, Lindsay and Wendy, and will probably see it again this Friday. I liked it even more the second time around. :-) This time the movie was showing in the IMAX theatre, and we had great seats. No Star Wars trailer again. Looks like I'll have to break down and watch it online instead of in the theatre. :-(

Hey, so it's American Thanksgiving in a couple days. It must be weird for you 'Mericans to be hearing all about the Santa Claus Parade. Those wacky Canucks, some of you likely were thinking. Celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving. What are y'all THINKING? Then again, the Christmas decorations start going up in our malls the day after Thanksgiving. I hate the time Christmas actually rolls around, I'm tired of it.

Since my mother died, I've never been particularly keen on the Christmas holiday. My strongest memory of Christmas tends to be of my mom's hospital room. I still have vivid memories of the hissing of the humidifer, the laboured sound of my mother's breathing, the tabletop-size Christmas tree we set up and decorated. I remember Ruth and I took the Christmas Eve watch in my mom's room (she and I traded off with Dad and Jim), ordering in the Swiss Chalet Festive Special (it came with Toblerone bars back then). Surreal Christmas, that.

For me, the enjoyment of Christmas focuses on kids. I enjoy Christmas gatherings so much more if children are around, even in their holiday hyped states. :-) Worst sort of Christmas gathering: Smalltalk and spiked eggnog in formal dress with people I don't know very well. Ugh. Stick a piece of mistletoe in my eye instead, please.

Hey, I'm looking for stickers! I keep forgetting to mention this. Out in California, Paul and Beckett gave me stickers from The Starving Musician, and I've plastered them on my guitar case, which has been stickerless up to now. I'm looking for more! I want my case covered. Advertisements, obnoxious colours, stupid sayings (except no politics or obscenity, please), big or small.


Writer Online interviewed me recently


- A photo that Mark Osier recently sent me that made me laugh out loud. I had to shrink it to fit on my Blatherings page, but you can click on the image to get a larger version.

- Luisa at a birthday party for Reid in 1985, typing on my family's Radio Shack TRS-80 Model III. We also had one of the original Macs (see the computer beside it). Here's a photo of Luisa and me last month.

- Andy at Robart's Library in 1982. Here he is on the weekend at the Santa Claus Parade. He has a better haircut now, but otherwise he looks basically the same.

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