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Harry Potter!

Harry Potter day! I'm not too obsessed, am I? By the way, Scott's standing me up for the movie today, the unfeeling cad. :-) Ok, so maybe it's because he's having dinner with his parents, but still! He found out yesterday that the HP movie is two and a half hours long, so the timing won't work out for him. Wow, long movie. Or maybe that's including all the preamble ads and trailers.

Allison's seeing Harry Potter twice today: once with her class in the morning (what a cool teacher!) and again later in the evening with John and Jodi. I went to see "My Life As A House" with Allison and Jodi last night. Predictable plot, but we were all still weepy-eyed by the end. :-)

I'm going to see the 3:15 pm show of Harry Potter this afternoon. I won't be posting plot spoilers about the movie in my Blatherings, but I -will- be talking about it. If you'd rather not read about it, I'd advise you skipping my Blatherings for the next couple days. Also, Andrea has asked that I create a separate discussion forum for Harry Potter movie discussion to avoid leaking spoilers to those who haven't yet seen the movie. I'll be posting a more detailed report there. Once you've seen the movie, please do drop by!

I've finished the rough draft for my article for Applied Arts magazine, working on my Harp Column article. The Filkhaven IRC came in very handy yesterday when I used it to interview Gwen Knighton. For those that don't know, Gwen named the Scottish Harp Society of America's National Journeyman Champion for the year 2000.

I'm about 4500 words into my novel. I'm writing more slowly than usual because I'm editing as I go...different from my usual "just get it all down on paper first" strategy. We'll see how it goes. It was tough going in the beginning (when I first got back from OVFF two weeks ago) because I'm still soooo rusty at fiction writing, all those atrophied creative muscles. Getting a tad easier each time, though. :-)


New Star Wars trailer online!: Apparently there are supposed to be plot spoilers in the trailer, so be warned. But heck, if you're planning to see Harry Potter, you're going to see this trailer anyway.

Ben Newman encourages LOTR line filks


- Allison and Jodi getting refreshments in the movie theatre.

- Allison and Jodi at the bank. Allison is in the middle of saying, "Debbie, put that camera away or I'll kill you."

- Allison and Jodi buying advance tickets for seeing the Harry Potter movie late tonight. A second after the flash went off, Allison gave me a "Debbie, put that camera away or I'll kill you" look.

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