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unknown guitarist

(UPDATED 10:24 AM EST, extra pic, lyrics to my Harry Potter song)

Ah, the Unknown Guitarist is back in the neighbourhood. This guy has been performing on the sidewalk near Roy Thompson Hall off and on for years. He always wears a suit, and always wears a brown paper bag over his head. When I first saw him, I was skeptical. Now, however, I actually feel happy to see him back twanging his muzack-type tunes on his amplified guitar.

I'm sometimes tempted to start a conversation with him, to find out who he really is. But I don't, because then he wouldn't be the Unknown Guitarist anymore.

We went out for dinner with Scott last night (going out tonight again with Allison and Jodi! so much for my resolution to eat at home more often, at least this week :-)). Scott's going to see Harry Potter with me on Friday afternoon...he said he can't stand the idea of me going by myself. I think he just wants to be a witness when I make a fool of myself gushing over everything. :-) Woohoo, Harry Potter movie premieres TOMORROW. I think I'll wear my "Waiting For Frodo" sweatshirt while standing in line.

Scott also brought over the second season of The Sopranos on DVD for us to borrow, yay!!!

In Blatherchat, Volker Tanger says my spelling of "icecream" is long as I come from a German background. "The same stuff actually is named/spelled 'Eiscreme' (or: 'Eiskrem', or short just: 'Eis') over here. Compound words are something wonderful..."

Hey, I ran into Talis and Simon in Filkhaven this morning! Talis was happily pregnant. I was shocked to hear she's off tea...she was the one who inspired me to start my own tea library.

I've updated the Urban Tapestry song list, by the way. And here are the lyrics to my new Harry Potter song, "Obsession". We debuted it at OVFF, though sadly without Allison since she wasn't able to be there. Many thanks to Seanan for filling in!


- The Unknown Guitarist.

- Scott with Luisa's and Reid's sons, Ronnie and Michael.

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