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ovff (sunday)

Back at Andrea's now. OVFF was fun; many thanks to the concom for all their hard work! As I mentioned in my previous Blathering, I didn't attend as much of the programming this year. I still have a cough lingering from my California bug...the effects of which are worst when I had to talk. And at a convention, that tends to happen a lot. :\

Since the news was announced with the rest of the convention updates at the end of the Pegasus Award Ceremonies, I figure it's official enough to post here: Urban Tapestry is very pleased to announce that we've been invited to be GoHs at Conchord in California next August! I was also surprised/delighted to hear that Dandelion Wine is going to be GoHs at Contata next year! I might just have to make a trip to the New York area in June... :-)

Anyway, I'll also be updating the OVFF site with information re: Pegasus Award and songwriting information...Best Filk Song: Strangers No More by Brenda Sutton, Best Performer: Talis Kimberley, Best Writer/Composer: Talis Kimberley, Best Computer Song: Tech Support by Jeff Hitchin, Best Creature Song: Least of My Kind by Cat Faber. I need to confirm the songwriting winner info, but I believe that Randy Hoffman took first place, Seanan McGuire took second place (does anyone know who won third place? please e-mail or Blatherchat, thanks).

I'm sure others will post detailed convention reports this week. For now, here are a few more of my personal highlights of the convention. I'll be including more over time. And if you couldn't attend OVFF but have attended in the past, please do post your own memories in Allison's "OVFF Memories" message board!

In random order:

- The Three Weird Sisters. They made -wonderful- Guests of Honour...all immensely talented, friendly, fun to watch in performance.

- Seeing Rand with Nicholas Dale. Nick took a real shining to Rand, gave him a big smile, and immediately grabbed his finger. Very amusing to see Rand go into marshmallow mode as a result.

- Seanan's concert. What a voice! Seanan was kind enough to help Jodi and I debut my new Harry Potter song ("Obsession") in open filk since Allison wasn't able to be there this year.

- Hearing Joe G. AMAZING guitarist. He's new to filk and delighted by the community, saying that it's wonderful to play in a venue where people are there to have fun (rather than just show up just to promote themselves and push merchandise).

- Hearing Terence Chua perform again. He did the "Guy" voice for Jodi and me in an open filk rendition of "Cuz He's A Guy". (THANKS, TERENCE!).

- Impromptu get-together in the bar area on Friday night.

- Singing "Ode To Kathleen Sloan" beside Kathleen at one of the Saturday night filks. Kathleen sang Paul Kwinn's parody of her "Catalog Queen" song as a follower. :-)

More highlights later.

Jodi and I both really missed Allison during OVFF. Perhaps because people were used to seeing three of us together all the time, some kept mixing up our names. Jodi was called Allison four times, and I was called Jodi three times. :-)

Hanging out with Andrea tomorrow, home on Tuesday.


- Guests of Honor concert: Three Weird Sisters -- Gwen Knighton, Brenda Sinclair Sutton, and Teresa Gibson Powell.

- Joe G., Rand, and Jodi. I was -really- blown away by Joe's performance in open filk, especially the way he sometimes uses the guitar as a percussion instrument.

- Robin and Frank. I was lucky enough to hear Robin play flute later in the convention!

- Ookla The Mok (Adam English and Rand Bellavia) with Andrea, just before Andrea and I took off for Cincinnati.

- Some of our tablemates at the Pegasus Awards Ceremony.

- Andrea and Jodi practising in our hotel room.

- The Weird Sisters invited Jodi, Erica Neely and me up on stage during their last song, a fun tribute to Terence Chua (written by Rob Wynne).

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