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At The Ohio Valley Filk Fest in Dublin, OH (near Columbus). 'Twas a shaky beginning yesterday when Andrea and Tom discovered that their van had a flat tire. :-( They ended up renting a car for the weekend and we drove down in two cars.

Jodi and I are really missing you, Allison! And of course everyone is asking where you are. I'm considering doing the same thing that Rand did last year when Adam had to drive up later, when he pasted a note on his membership badge in response to the automatic question ("Where's Adam?") he was asked countless times: "ADAM IS DRIVING UP LATER." :-)

Partly because Allison's not here and partly because I'm seeing friends I haven't seen in a long while, I'll likely do more hanging out with people than attending regular programming this year. So if you're looking for good coverage of programmed con highlights, you'll have to wait until a more official con report is posted by someone else in the Dandelion Report message boards or next week.

For now, however, here are my Friday highlights of the con, in random order:

- Finally meeting Gwen Knighton of the Three Weird Sisters. I was supposed to get together with her at Gafilk a year or two ago to talk harps and writing, but ended up not going. :-(

- Hearing the Three Weird Sisters: Brenda Sinclair Sutton, Teresa Gibson Powell, and Gwen Knighton.

- The hall filk last night. Way fun. :-) I put in a request to hear Bill Sutton's first filk song from his early days.

- When Andrea and I were "Madeira"ed by Bill Sutton and Steve Simmons.

- Seeing Ellen Weingart again! I e-mail and Blatherchat with Dave, but haven't seen Ellen for a while.

- Performing "Lullaby for Gustavo" for Diana Huey in the hallway last night. Diana had purchased an Interfilk package I donated last year with an offer to write a children's song. I also promised her a version with harp accompaniment (I had originally written the song on my harp, but didn't get the song completed in time to record a harp version)...I'm hoping to get Jodi and Allison to work up a version for Urban Tapestry. Anyway, she seemed to quite like the song!


- Hall filk last night. I did check out the regularly scheduled filks, but ended up in this one because the first room I checked was Too Full and the other was Too Quiet.

- Kathleen the Catalog Queen at last night's Mad Hatter's Party.

- Seanan organized a group whose name I am afraid I can't remember at the moment (something to do with Ose Bunnies?). They surrounded me at the party last night, so I made them pose for a photo.

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