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Yay, I'm in Cincinnati, OH! As you already know, my original flight was cancelled yesterday, but (on Andrea's suggestion) I rebooked for an earlier flight to Dayton on a baby plane (only 15 seats!). I did a rushed job of packing so I could catch a bus to the airport in time for my a result, I've forgotten to pack some basic items but way-overpacked on other items. Augh, ah well, at least I'm here. :-)

After picking me up, Andrea and I had dinner at Perkin's, where I discovered that I truly was in another country. Sample of conversation:

ME: "May I please have a serviette?"

WAITRESS: "A what?"

ME: "A serviette."

WAITRESS: "I'm sorry, um..."

ANDREA: "She means a 'napkin'."

WAITRESS: "AH! Ok, sure."

Visited the offices of F&W Publications, where I met with my editor, Jack Heffron (for The Writer's Online Marketplace) as well as others at F&W. Kinda cool to see the place; I've been reading Writer's Digest since I was a teenager, and have been a part of their Book Club.

9-month old Nicholas is adorable. He wasn't sure of me at first, spending most of his time staring at me as if I was an alien from another planet. Things warmed up, though, when I read him some picture books. I have a weakness for children who like books, for obvious reasons.

Here are some Guest Blatherings...

Guest Blathering from Nicholas (9 months)

g kllujb nnunuuj

Guest Blathering From Andrea

Debbie arrived last night, laden with luggage and her guitar. As she mentioned I had to translate her Canadianize at Perkin's later that night ;_ )

Well . . . Debbie is in luuuuuve.

And Nick is enjoying every second of it. *g* I think she's taken over 50 pictures of Nick, until I kidnapped her camera.

Today after she visited F&W, we toured a small, decadent gourmet food shop in Hyde Park (Cincinnati, NOT London) and enjoyed a hot drink at Awakening's cafe. Nick enjoyed a few pieces of croissant as well. Then we sat in a small park between two busy streets with the wind blowing. Nick had a ball watching the cars, crawling in the grass and playing with Debbie and I.

It's great having Debbie visit! I haven't seen her since last June, and that seems like eons ago.

Tonight Tom is watching Nick, while Deb and I attend a theatre production of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. I hope she enjoys it.

Once again, Debbie is in great danger of being stolen away from Jeff and her UT buddies . . . We'll keep you updated on our plans . . .

Debbie again...

The play last night was great! Andrea took me out to dinner before the play. After we got back to her house, Nicholas was asleep and Tom was nearly-asleep. We spent a while drinking hot chocolate and lemon tea, and just chatting.

Going to OVFF tonight!

Today's Poll: (Courtesy Andrea)

Are you a sesquipedalian?

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