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Monterey (updated)

I'd appreciate it if you'd all concentrate on sending good thought vibes (or maybe signing their guestbook) in the direction of Tim and Annie Walker right now. If you check her Witterings regularly, you'll know that they're going through a rough time right now.

And many sympathies go to the Hayman family, who recently lost their cat. :-( Non-pet people don't usually understand the feeling of loss that accompanies the loss of a close family pet, but I clearly remember how difficult it was for us to put our Australian terrier to sleep when she was at the end of her life.

Some links (most of which are courtesy of my friend Andrew):

Bad Gothic Poetry

555 numbers used in movies

Photoshop tennis (Andrew says to be sure to read the commentaries)

More Bad Poetry

Forgot to mention that while paying for my silly headband at the Hat Connection in San Francisco a couple days ago, the clerk behind the counter was talking to building security. Apparently some customer had seen some mysterious white powder on the steps in front of the Ghiradelli building, and the clerk wanted to make sure it was investigated. "I know it's probably nothing," I heard her saying, "But..."

Andrew and I were buying tickets at the Monterey Bay Aquarium yesterday when two fire engines pulled up to the building. As we were walking around the exhibits, Andrew overheard security guards talking about the possible need to keep people from leaving the Aquarium for a few hours. While we were watching the jellyfish exhibit, we also heard another security guard talking about a 'white powder'.

Fortunately, the scare seemed to clear up by the time we had to leave, but these incidents certainly do help emphasize the level of general paranoia around here right now.

In response to my anthrax paranoia comments, my friend Andy Beaton responded (via ICQ, just now): "Imagine life in California where people are afraid of white powder. How will movies get made?"


On a more positive note, the Monterey Bay Aquarium was as wonderful as I remembered; I highly recommend it for anyone visiting the area. Admission fee is somewhat pricey (about $17) but worth it. My fave exhibit is still the jellyfish room. We had lunch at The Fish Hopper, and browsed some shops along Cannery Row after the Aquarium. Lots of gorgeous oceanside scenery on the way home. Like the route to Monterey, however, there were intermittent patches of fog. Very weird to have clear blue skies one minute, heavy fog a few minute later, and then clear again.

Had dinner at Midori, a Japanese restaurant near Andrew's place. HEY, has anyone out there heard of Shonen Knife? Andrew played me some of their CDs today. Very fun Japanese girl trio who have songs about sushi and hot chocolate. Maybe Urban Tapestry should cover a song or two. :-)

I'm going to visit with Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff tonight!

Today's Blatherpics:

- At a seafood restaurant near the Monterey Bay Aquarium, where Andrew and I had lunch.

- Jellyfish at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

- Andrew, at a scenic stop we made on the way back to his place from Monterey.

- Seahorse. I don't remember seeing the seahorse exhibit last time I visited the Aquarium; either it's new, or I just missed it the first time. I love seahorses...they're such bizarre, otherworldly-looking creatures.

Today's Poll: (Courtesy Andrew and Noam Chomsky)

Do colorless green ideas sleep furiously?

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