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sleeping babies

(updated 12:11 pm with Blatherings from Paul and Beckett)

It's 10:30 am in the Kwinn/Gladney household. Riley and Casey have just fallen asleep for their morning naps. Riley took longer than Casey, obviously needing a nap but also obviously determined NOT to nap. I know how he felt...I tend to want to hit the sack around 10 or 10:30 pm these days, but often force myself to stay up longer, not wanting to miss out on any fun. At the cottage, Parki and Jeff would tease me about this. I'd be clearly fading, and Jeff would suggest I go to bed.

"But what are you guys going to do?" I'd ask.

"Have fun," they would say immediately, in unison.

So I felt for Riley as he squirmed in my arms, yawning and rubbing his eyes and arching his back stiffly, refusing to relax. Beckett and I talked while I walked back and forth carrying Riley; it was good to be able to have a real conversation with her, one outside of the hectic atmosphere at conventions. And during one pause in the conversation, Beckett noticed that Riley had fallen asleep in my arms.

She took him from me and put him down in the playpen beside his sleeping brother. For a few moments we both just looked down at the sleeping babies. Funny how the sight of a sleeping baby can make you forget any minor stresses and worries. One of Casey's arms is outstretched, small fingers slightly curled, a teddy bear across his chest.

Guest blatherer: Riley, age 8 months

kkkkjjjjjjjjjjjjjjm fcawwwwwwaX

Guest blatherer: Beckett

Ah, the luxury of a relaxed shower while Debbie kept an eye on the babies. Bliss. It's going to be hard to go back to the regular routine of dealing with both kidlets alone after having Debbie around cuddling babies and sneakily washing dishes...

I'm lobbying for a trip out to the coast this afternoon to walk on the beach and go find some pumpkins at one of the many pumpkin patches that turn the fields orange out there this time of year. It'll be the first time for Riley and Casey. So many firsts. :)

Guest blatherer: Paul

Hello Blatherees, near and far. This is Debbie's host, Paul Kwinn. We had a lot of fun last night, with talk of physics (no kidding), babies (of course), & movies, as well as plenty of music. Frankly, we've been having a little too much fun. Today, we're hoping to get Debbie arrested. We figure that the old "Help! This woman's trying to steal our pumpkins and our babies!" trick will work just fine. We wouldn't want her to get the idea that California is all happiness and light. Since she's not a US citizen, I'm sure they'll keep her locked up for a good long time, even on the flimsiest of charges. We're hoping she gets Bertha for a cellmate. Beck met Bertha once, on a "Scared Straight"-type prison tour, and Bertha scared her straight in more ways than one. Don't you think Deb would make an excellent buddy for Bertha? Hahahaha. Hey, Debbie! Time to go! No, you can upload this Blathering later... (bye, kids. We'll let you know how it goes.)

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