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Guest Blatherings

(posted Sat. Oct. 14th, late evening California time)

Paul and Beckett were kind enough to arrange a small music gathering on Saturday night in my honour. Paul made yummy chicken fajitas and a cherry dessert. We had fun watching parts of his video from FilkContinental (I wish I could have been there!) and did musicstuff, gabbed a lot. I invited people to contribute Guest Blatherings...

Amanda Weinstein:

Yay! A room full of cool people who filk. It's exactly where I needed to spend the evening :)

Anyway, Seanan ordered me to come blather, so I blathered.


After years of second hand reports, I've finally met the Ridpath-Ohi woman! Paul's descriptions didn't do her justice. Debbie is spectacular.

Seanan McGuire:

Wow! My very first guest Blathering! I shall endevour to be worthy to the post...

Debbie has been lovely -- thanks for loaning her to us, Canada! Considering that I didn't expect to get to see her during this visit, this has been absolutely lovely. We've had a lovely dinner and a lovely filksing (although if she says she saw me sing, she's fibbing, don't listen to her). And babytime! Watching her with the boys is muchly fun.

I'm so glad that we could make it up tonight, to spend time with Debbie -- and with Paul, Beckett, Riley and Casey (who were unsurprisingly delighted to recieve their very first plush Cthulhu dolls). Hey, Allison -- when do we get to show YOU our state?

Alan Thiesen:

Hi! Just got to hear Debbie sing "Obsession". Great song! But I'm so sorry to hear Allison won't be at OVFF. Sob. Snif.

The Kwinn twins are getting even more adorable, if that's possible. Don't tell Paul, but I don't think he's the cute one any more. :-)

Jeanne Goldfein:

Great music...great's been very nice to meet you.


Finally, finally the twins gave up and fell asleep, and then ten minutes later everyone left! :( Ah well, the hazards of parenthood, I guess. Actually it was great to see everybody tonight. Seanan sang, no matter what she says. Alan was a big hit with the boys- guess those Daddy vibes work on more than just Adam!


We have a spiffy visitor

Her name is Debbie-O

She's quite a charming person

The babies love her so

She cleans up all our dishes

We never lift a finger

She changes dirty diapers

We wish that she would linger

May we please clone this Debbie?

We'll swear not to abuse her

With twins here to take of

Man, we could really use her.

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Have you been camping in the last five years?

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