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(Posted Fri. Oct. 12 9:04 pm, California time)

Guest Blathering from Beckett

Debbie is here in Fremont, California. She demanded palm trees, but so far we've only been able to supply about four of them. More later, hopefully. We're debating about places to drag Debbie sightseeing with the twins (the key being "with the twins"). So far she seems to have a remarkable tolerance for them. No demands for babies with Honey Mustard Sauce or anything!

Casey and Riley have decided that she's okay, too. So far she's fed them, right now she's playing on the floor with them, and soon she'll be giving them baths! Never let it be said that we don't grab our guests and immediately put them to work with baby care! Tomorrow night, small filk here with babies! Later, all. Hope everyone is doing well...

- Beckett

Note from Debbie...

So I'm here at Paul and Beckett's, having just watched the twins being bathed. And I have to say, it's awfully hard not to gush and coo over the sight of babies getting a bath. I fed Casey and Riley's a different experience to feed two babies their dinner at the same time from just being able to focus on one. They both just stared at me as I took turns shovelling pablum into their mouths (they reminded me of baby birds, automatically opening their mouths when I got near them with a spoon), probably suspicious but deciding to tolerate me for now, at least while I was feeding them. :-)

And I got to smell their heads! Baby heads smell SO wonderful. If any of you haven't tried it recently, I advise you all to go out right now and smell one, preferably one whose parent won't beat you over the head for thinking you're assaulting his/her child. Casey's head smelled slightly better than Riley's, but perhaps it was because they hadn't had their bath yet (I felt compelled to write that in case Casey and Riley discover my Blatherings Archives years from now; I certainly don't want Riley to feel slighted).

Wow, and have they ever changed since I saw them in March. Both are developing distinct personalities and mannerisms.

Flight from Toronto was uneventful, except it was sobering to see the military guys with their rifles hanging about the San Francisco airport.

More tomorrow...I'm pretty tired, and will probably go to bed tonight before Casey and Riley do. :-)

Today's Blatherpics:

- Riley and Casey.

- Me feeding Casey.

Today's Poll: (Courtesy Beckett)

Have you ever changed a baby boy's diaper?

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