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new year's party!

Jeff and my friend Luisa arranged a New Year's Party over the holidays, a celebration of the "Real Millennium". They booked function space at a hotel in Hockley Valley and made it a weekend event. There were three main function rooms: computer room (people brought their computers, networked them together, played games), social room (couches, munchies, music), movie room (DVD player with a big screen, people brought DVD movies). The hotel also had a swimming pool, pool room, and ping pong room, plus lots of snowy hills outside for tobogganning. There was definitely no shortage of things to do. :-) It was basically a convention, with approximately 35 adults and children attending.

I had a ton of fun, and am grateful to Luisa and Jeff for doing all the planning. I just showed up. I did a lot of catching up with friends I hadn't seen in a long while, played "Alice" and "The Sims" (did I mention before that my Sim couple actually adopted a child, but it was taken away by Social Services because they didn't take care of it properly?), watched "Fight Club" for the first time. A bit too violent for my tastes (I admit it, I'm a wimp), but I can see why some people really like this movie.

Although a few opted to stay just for a day, most booked hotel rooms. Having a hotel room was great...I could nap during the day, and also have a sanctuary when I needed some space away from the party crowd. Most of the computer gaming focussed on Quake, a game I can't play because I suffer from motion sickness. I had more fun with Alice, which is a new game by a fellow named American McGee, a sort of dark and twisted version of Alice in Wonderland. Creepy music and atmosphere, excellent graphics.

Computer gaming question: What are/were your all-time fave computer games? The type you spent way too many hours playing during high school or college? And what was your FIRST fave game, not counting Pong?

Today's Blatherpic: Elspeth and Jennifer, at the Real Millennium Party.

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