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word on the street

'Twas mostly a working weekend, but I got to hang out with Allison and Jodi on Saturday...went to see Almost Famous at the Paramount (loved this movie), had dinner at Milestones, just beside the movie theatre, went back to my apartment and even did some practising. All three of us were wearing our Teddy socks (thanks, Teddy!). The next time we see each other will likely be at OVFF next October. I really miss Thursday night practices with Allison and Jodi. :-(

Went to Word on the Street on Sunday, Toronto's annual literary festival. I was at Booth 71, near Queen and Duncan. Very busy, lots more people stopped by the booth to ask questions and chat than last year. Spent most of Friday and Saturday morning doing the flyers and other prep for my booth, mostly in a panic-stricken state. (Amanda, I *so* wished you were in Philadelphia this past week...where are transporters when you need 'em?)

I'll be posting various photos from Word on the Street over the next few days. Fun literary festival, and this time I actually got a chance to look around because Amanda was helping me man the booth (thank you, Amanda!!!). She was also massively prepared in the food department. Sadly, I left the list I made at home, but I do remember she brought hot chocolate, orange juice, egg salad & organic greens sandwiches, President Choice wrapped chocolates, shortbread cookies, other stuff. Yes, I felt completely spoiled. Amanda is a part-time professional caterer, did I mention?

After WOTS, Jeff and I went to see Almost Famous. Yes, I had already seen it the night was that good! We went to the Paramount with Parki (who had already seen it two times before).

Stayed in Toronto an extra day so I could celebrate my sister Ruth's birthday. Ruth did a signing at Word on the Street...I pushed my way through the crowds to take a photo (will be posted later this week). Some people stopped by the Inkspot booth to ask if I knew Ruth (I guess we look sort of similar, and our last names are the same :-)). One was an aspiring children's illustrator. I asked if she was a friend of Ruth's, and she said no, she didn't know Ruth personally, she was just familiar with her work.

Wow. I have such a cool sister.

Today's blatherpic: Amanda and me at the Inkspot booth at Word on the Street on Sunday.

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