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cams and chickens

Hey, I'm giving a Book Chat tomorrow at 1 pm EST at the Xlibris site (Community section, you will have to do a one-time registration, location: The Library). If you're free for a few minutes then, please do drop by! I'm paranoid that no one's going to show up!

Jeff and I set up Kritter Cameras last night. I launch iVisit and pow, Jeff's picture is up in one corner of the screen, updating live. The motion's a bit jerky, but I can still see him talking, moving around, etc. I press my CTRL key and he can hear whatever I say (and vice versa). Or we could use the live chat window.

I made a roast chicken last night. I didn't know what size of chicken to get and only made the decision to have roast chicken whilst standing in the chilly fresh meat aisle, so grabbed a bird I figured was big enough to give me some leftovers as well. I bought an 8-lb chicken to feed one person. I didn't clue into the fact that it was waaaay too much until I decided to check a cookbook after I got back and found that a 2.5 lb chicken is enough to feed 2-3 people. Yikes.

Anyway, I now have enough leftovers to last me a while. Chicken pot pie...chicken stir fry...chicken sandwiches...chicken salad...

I let myself play The Sims for two hours this weekend. KK and Gomer from next door have become romantically involved, woohoo! He brings her chocolate when he comes to visit now.

As you may have noticed, I've revamped my Blatherings page. I'm also going to start archive the blatherpicture along with each blathering, in response to feedback from those who don't always check my blatherings every day and sometimes miss the pics. I've also moved the Blatherchat page over from the Inkspot server...if you notice any problems, please let me know.

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