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lloyd landa :-(

I deeply regret to report that Lloyd Landa died suddenly on Wednesday night of asphyxiation and a heart attack. Karen called the paramedics but they were unable to revive him.

I've been having problems with my computer and only found out today, from Allison. I can't believe it. :( :( :(

More info on Blatherchat, from Allison and others. Lloyd just posted on there Wednesday morning. I can't believe he's gone.

I remember being blown away by Lloyd's music abilities when I first met him. He could improvise at the drop of a hat, execute fingerpicking patterns and chord changes that would tie any normal guitarist's fingers into knots. Lloyd was also a skilled pianist and composer. He was passionate about music; you could see it in his utter concentration during performance.

I remember his crusty good humour and positive life outlook. Lloyd was always supportive and encouraging of others...just take a look at what he's posted in the Blatherchat message board for a sample. He was also one of the worst (best?) punsters I've ever known.

I got to know Lloyd better when he and Karen invited me to play on a few tracks on their CD. We talked on the phone about the project several times, and I went over to their apartment to rehearse. He and Karen helped me come up with my flute part. I was a bit nervous about the studio recording experience (they've had a ton more professional musical experience than I have!), but Lloyd's wisecracking jokes and gentle encouragement helped make the recording experience fun as well as rewarding. He would call from time to time after that, sometimes to talk about music, sometimes just to say hi. He gave me guitar playing tips, and was always willing to help if I needed some musical advice. When he heard I was moving out to Philadelphia away from family and friends, he and Karen sent me supportive e-mails.

Lloyd has touched many of our lives in so many positive ways, and the Toronto filk community will never be the same without him.

We miss you, Lloyd. You will always be in our hearts, and in our music.

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