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sara's kiss

Okay, I lied when I said that my next Blathering would be from my new place. I'm in Toronto right now, flying back to Philadelphia tonight. The past week has been a mixed bag. It's been exciting, but there have been wrinkles. Some of the wrinkles have been bigger than others. A kind person from the new company had picked up my furniture from IKEA for my new apartment, but then his car was stolen (with all the furniture in it). Things are a bit crazy at work right now because the company is growing so quickly. I have no Internet access at home yet, which is driving me nuts (hopefully remedied this week). The Inkspot site was hacked, but luckily an alert Inkspot employee noticed it before too much damage was done. There's a problem with my cable access, so I have no tv (though that's probably a good thing :-)). The final edits for my book are due tomorrow. And then my flight home to Toronto was cancelled because of weather; I ended up having to taking a Saturday p.m. flight home (the morning flight had already been sold out by the time I found out about the cancelled flight), giving me about 24 hours before I have to turn around and go back again. :-(

On the other hand, I got a bit of time at Toronto Trek...many thanks to Scott Murray for picking me up at the airport! He even came to the convention for a short while, and met Allison, Jodi, Lissa, Phil, and Ruth Sanderson. 'Twas great seeing them all again, and very tough saying good-bye. The open filk on Saturday night was lots of fun...highlights for me included hearing Lyanne Quirt do "Rippy The Gator" and another song (what was the name of that song, Lyanne?) and hearing Ruth do "The Rattling' Bog".

Leaving in a few minutes to spend a few hours at my sister's this afternoon, then flying back early this evening. I'm hoping this week is a bit calmer; I will likely be spending most of my evenings putting my IKEA furniture together.

Update 10:12 pm flight back to Philadelphia was cancelled because of weather, too. I'm going back tomorrow instead of tonight. This is crazy...the airlines seem to hate me!!

I spent a couple of hours earlier on Sunday afternoon at my sister's place, spending most of my time with Sara and Annie. *My Annie highlight*: Annie and I lying on her bed after playing hide-and-seek. Annie is in need of a nap but doesn't WANT to nap. We lie on our sides, facing each other, not saying anything as Annie tries desperately not to fall asleep. Then suddenly she reaches out and pats my face, very gently, a half-smile on her face. I am melting all over inside. *My Sara highlight*: Saying good-bye on a playground near the house. Sara knows I've just moved. She asks me for a kleenex; I give one to her and am surprised when she lifts it to her face and kisses the middle of it. Then she folds it up carefully and hands to me. "This is for you to take with you to Philadelphia," she says to me seriously, then runs back to the playground where her father is waiting.

I have put that piece of kleenex in a small ziploc bag and will keep it safe with me until I move back home.

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