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harp arrived!

My harp arrived this morning!!!! (Today's Blatherphoto: a copy of the studio photo Larry Fisher had taken of my harp for his Web site. If you'd like to see a larger (53k) version, click here.

Jeff took some digital photos and I'll upload them soon. I got all teary-eyed as soon as I opened up the crate (I am such a sap), the harp is *absolutely gorgeous*. It's so cool to realize that this harp was just a block of wood only months ago. I've collected the pics that Larry Fisher (the harpmaker) has been sending to me, if anyone's interested. They're at: I'll add a final picture of the harp in my apartment soon.

I tuned all the strings (as soon as I could figure out how to tune them) and played it for a while. My fingers felt all awkward and stumbly, but even my mistakes sounded not too of the advantages learning to play a harp has over learning to play the violin. :-)

I have a lesson with Sharlene Wallace next week. I want to make sure I have the right technique before playing too much...way too hard to "unlearn" bad habits later on.

I am very happy today.

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