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pegasus nominations

Ruth reports that she was driving Sara and Annie somewhere in the car when 5-year-old Sara suddenly asked the following question: "Mommy, do Good People always win against Bad People? I know they do in books and movies, but do they in real life?"

Dear do you parents handle these kinds of questions???

Larry Fisher reports that the strings are on my harp now; he's playing it every day to wear them in. Kim Robertson was by his shop for a visit recently, and played on my harp for a bit (I just bought a Kim Robertson harp songbook on eBay!). Larry's report: "She remarked later that it sounded good for being so new, and that's a good sign, as it only gets better from here." :-) He's putting the sharpening levers on my harp this morning. The harp should be ready for delivery in a couple of weeks. (!!!!!)

I've been informed that my song, My Jalapeno Man, has been nominated for a Pegasus Award. I'm very honoured...thanks to those who nominated it. I'm updating the OVFF web page this weekend to reflect the Pegasus nominations (I'm waiting for approval from Diana and Lori before linking up the official ballots). FYI, here is the ballot:

Best Filk Song:
A Simple Country Doctor, by Matt Leger
Fire in the Sky, by Jordin Kare
Sam's Song, by Zander & Soren Nyrond
Uplift, by Andy Eigel
Velvet, by Talis Kimberley

Best Performer:
Echo's Children
Ookla the Mok
W Scott "Cosmo" Snyder
Talis Kimberley

Best Writer/Composer:
Bob Kanefsky
Dave Weingart
Paul Kwinn
Talis Kimberley
Zander Nyrond

Best End of the World Song:
Cosmic Drain, by Sally Childs-Helton
Falling Down on New Jersey,
by Mitchell Burnside Clapp
One Last Dance, by Bill Roper
Out of the Clear Blue Sky,
by Dr Jane Robinson
Serious Steel, by Leslie Fish

Best Food/Drink Song;
307 Ale, by Tom Smith
Beware of the Sentient Chili, by Chris Weber
Dairy Queen, by Barbara Higgins
Little Fuzzy Vegetables, by Mark Mandel
My Jalapeno Man, by Debbie Ridpath Ohi

Sorry for the lack of Blatherings...things have become rather
interesting in my life lately. I hope to be able to update you
fully very soon.

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