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hard disk still sick

No blatherings pics hard drive is still in the data recovery shop (it doesn't look hopeful), and there's no graphics manipulation program on my temporary drive (or scanner software).

Jodi and I are going to see The Road To Eldorado at Yonge and Eglinton tonight...looking forward to that! Has anyone else seen this? Allison is home sick today; please do send her get well e-mail.

To Rafe: thanks for the Didgeri-Douze photos!!! I haven't seen them yet (Allison still has them with her) but I've heard they're great. I'm picking up my FilKONtario photos today...two rolls' worth. I won't actually be IN any of the pictures, of course. :-) Do any of you have a similar situation (being the photographer in your family, and therefore missing in your photo albums)? I remember happily showing a friend some photos from when Jeff and I stayed up in Algonquin Park all summer, building our cottage. I happened to mention that I was the one who put in the wiring. My friend looked surprised and asked, "Oh, you were there too?!" :-)

Selfish request: If any of you have FKO photos with me in them, I'd be happy to pay for a copy (or copies), so I can add it to my album.

Bought some new DVDs on Tuesday at HMV with Scott Murray (it was his BIRTHDAY)...The Abyss and What Dreams May Come. Jeff and I took Scott out for sushi at Fune for his birthday, and then we came back to our place to watch What Dreams May Come. Great movie. We have to figure out a way of easily hooking our VCR...right now it's a bit of a pain, rearranging connections and having to move the TV to reach behind...watching a video is a bit of a production. Still didn't stop me from watching the Brady Bunch Sequel video that Amanda was kind enough to lend me a while ago. :-)

A FKO Highlight

Diana Huey: Enjoyed seeing Diana again at FilKONtario! Her concert was great (first concert on Saturday), and she passed around an album of photos from her visit to Ecuador. Her new little boy, Gustavo (apologies for the typo before!), is adorable (he wasn't there, but many photos were :-))...I'm crossing my fingers very hard and am hoping he's at OVFF!

Diana was the one who ended up buying our Interfilk package (toys, instruments, kids' songs on tape, lyrics, song writing certificate). I can't wait to start writing a song for Eduardo! :-)

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