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fko report

Allison's written the first part of her FilKONtario report, for those interested. And as I mentioned yesterday, Scott Snyder also has one online.

We've pretty much given up on my old hard drive contents, so Jeff is going to finish setting up a new hard drive for me today so I can get back to regular operations.

I have been restraining myself as I work my way gradually through the last bar or two of Green & Black's Organic White Chocolate that was a gift from Lissa, Phil, Annie, and Tim. It's amazingly good. Even reading the text description on the front of the package makes my mouth water: "Fine white chocolate made with real organic Bourbon vanilla blended into rich cocoa butter and full-cream milk. A luxurious, smooth, creamy taste experience." Aaaugh. (Debbie collapses in gustatorial delight here) As I devour each creamy square, however, I find my gaze inexorably drawn to the diminishing quantity which remains. WHAT WILL I DO WHEN IT'S ALL GONE?

Isn't this just like life? Not being able to fully appreciate what we have because we're too busy worrying about what we -don't- have? Life is a bar of Green & Black's Organic White Chocolate, I say. You can quote me.

A FKO Highlight

Cacie Sears

Wow, this young woman is unbelieveably talented! Great voice and stage presence, very nice songwriting. I believe she's only 16 or I'm really looking forward to following her musical development over the next few years. I've ordered one of her demo CDs. Rumour has it that she's working on her first professional album.

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