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guest blather: allison

Deb has asked me to do a quick Guest Blather, so here we go... Special FilKONtario (FKO) moments (in no particular order) included:

  • - Hearing a very British voice say "Can I have a hug, too?" as I'm hugging Dave Clement hello and turning around to see Annie, Tim, Lissa and Phil all the way from England!! They managed to keep the surprise that they were coming to FKO from us for several weeks and no doubt our hysterical reaction was everything they could have wished for :).
  • - seeing wonderful concerts by FKO guests Diana Huey (I know the debutant wave now!), Larry Warner (who it was great to reunite with after -eight- years :)) and Scott Snyder (who I had dinner with last night along with Jodi, John, Amanda and Dave Clement).
  • - the ever-fabulous Filk Hall of Fame concert, which is becoming one of the best of the FKO traditions. New Hall of Famer, Bill Roper, performed his own material and Phil, Tim and Annie paid tribute to Zander Nyrond and John Caspell, Paul Kwinn, Kathleen and Judith sang in honour of Dr. Jane ("Nessie, Come Up" was particularly fun :)).
  • - having the honour of being asked to close the Hall of Fame concert and FKO with our song "Home To FilKONtario".
  • - both the Friday and Saturday night filks and the rocking filk on Sunday afternoon. Tons of energy, tons of good music, some old friends, some new discoveries- the best of combinations :).
  • - hearing Erica Neely is going to be the Interfilk guest at FKO next year :). So cool, I had been just on the verge of nominating her to Interfilk myself!

Hosannas to the FKO concom, they sure know how to throw a party. And I feel like I've just scratched the surface! I will get to a con report eventually, though.

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