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Interesting how sock-talk has become all the rage over in blatherchat. :-) At Didgeri-Douze, I admired Teddy's wild socks (his entire attire, of course, but mainly his socks). Then we had a intense e-mail sock conversation in which I exhibited a great deal of Sock Envy (Allison must have as well, since she got a package of socks recently from Teddy, too!). About the same time, we also had a Marmite Conversation (mostly me wondering what it was).

So I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised when a package arrived yesterday from Teddy full of socks and marmite. :-) I *love* these socks, and plan to proudly wear them to conventions. I modelled the toe socks for Jeff (see today's blatherphoto); he just laughed and said, "They are so...YOU."



Auuuggh! What tastebud travesty is this!! It looks like it should taste like chocolate...what a cruel shock to find that it actually tastes like the salt sludge that you scrape off your boot in the winter (not that I've actually tasted any myself, of course...). Do people actually LIKE this stuff????

The fact that the marmite came in little containers that looked like the cream containers one finds in restaurants for coffee is also frightening, since it seems to indicate a certain frequency of use by many people.

Puzzlebox Live Online!

Paul Kwinn reports:

"Puzzlebox will be playing on a live on-line webcast. It's a regular show, broadcast over the web from a guy's livingroom in Langley, Washington (on Whidbey Island, in Puget Sound). The show is on Monday, April 24th, starting at 7:00 PM Pacific Time (so 10:00 PM for you East Coasters), and running about 45 minutes to an hour. The name of the show is "Testing, Testing" and the URL is:

They've got archived copies of all their previous shows on the site, so you can check out the format, if you like. And you'll need RealAudio, so if you don't have that plug-in already, you might want to get it installed before the show (the Testing, Testing URL has a link to download it). Apparently, they read e-mails on the air during the show, so you can say "Hi" or request a song if you like."

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