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too busy

WAY too much going on in my life right now. Have you ever had the feeling you were on a rollercoaster but had forgotten to buckle up? :-)

Went for a late dinner at Fune with Scott M. (Jeff was out on a business meeting). My favourite type of norimaki these days is (sorry, can't remember the proper name) composed of fish eggs on rice, wrapped in nori, with a raw quail's egg broken on top. I've been reassured that eating a raw quail's egg is perfectly safe. One of my favourite snacks, by the way (and the less sturdy-stomached may want to click elsewhere at this point), has always been a bowl of freshly-cooked rice with a raw egg and shoyu (soy sauce) mixed in. I think I mentioned this in my Blatherings a couple of years ago. It's sort of slimey and disgusting-looking, but my Mom got me hooked on it. I haven't been so keen on it in recent years, though, because of the whole salmonella scare re: raw eggs.

After dinner, we went back and watched the last half NYPD Blue - a show I've never seen but which Scott watches regularly - until Jeff came home. I took an incriminating digital photo of Scott, mainly as revenge as the one he posted on me on his website, but he threatened me with horrible things if I posted it. I was briefly tempted to call his bluff (Scott looks pretty imposing...big, long hair, lots of black leather, talks tough in his Scribbles...but he's basically a marshmallow at heart) but decided I could get my revenge with subtler methods in the future.

Today's blatherpic: my niece Sara, age 5, wearing a cape (I can't remember why). The doll she is holding is indeed the very same DollyKajolly she has had since crib-size. The doll is now truly awful-looking, hair so filthy it's mutated into grubby snake-like tendrils, grimy face, stained dress, joints weakening...we are all bracing ourselves for the trauma that will ensue when DollylKajolly's head falls off one day.

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