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harp ordered

Bolstered by my Writer's Digest cheque, I've decided to go ahead and order my harp. Talked with Larry Fisher on the phone this morning...VERY nice fellow. He's already started making my harp!! (We had talked before about wood, and decided on maple) We discussed artwork and cases and delivery options and such. I'm getting some artwork on the soundboard, designs based on the James McFall harps, which were produced in Belfast around 1900. You can also see them on the Clarke Irish Harps (NY, 1915).

I told him about my harp friends (especially Annie, who recommended him), and he seemed surprised/pleased that folks in the UK had heard of him. :-) My harp will be done in July. (Insert image of Debbie jumping up and down in excitement here)

Got my FKO pictures back from Black's but don't have my scanner software installed (had to reformat my drive after the crash); hopefully by tomorrow, when I'll start posting pics. Meanwhile, today's Blatherpic is donated by Phil Allcock. His description of the photo: "This is quite clearly Phil hugging Debbie affectionately whilst Lissa and Annie (check out that evil grin) take advantage of her..."

Allison's FilKONtario report is finished and now available online, for those interested. Scott Snyder also has one online.

Doug brought me a present on the weekend...a case of Cadbury Fusion chocolate bars. (!!) I've hidden them away behind the trail mix on our office shelf, but I can still hear them calling me all day, argh. I am so weak. I brought a bag of mini-carrots to help cancel out the effects. I'm finding, tho, that carrots go remarkably well with chocolate...

Jeff and I actually spent some Quality Time together last night and Did Not Work. The "no work talk" rule was also in effect, and only broken twice (once by me, once by him). Went to the Paramount and saw "High Fidelity", which we both enjoyed.

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