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Allison's FilKONtario report is finished and now available online, for those interested. Scott Snyder also has one online.

CONGRATULATIONS to Scott for being invited to be a Special Guest at Conthirteena in the UK next February!!! Woohoo!!!!

Good weekend, though Jeff and I worked all day Saturday. On Friday, we went out for sushi with Luisa, Reid, Ronnie (their son), Brian, and Helen. Luisa, by the way, gave me some cool chocolate stuff for my birthday...a chocolate massage bar ("sinfully sweet white chocolate and minty dark chocolate seductively blended with moisturizing cocoa butter for stimulating after-dinner massages") from Lush (great store on Queen St. that makes homemade soaps and stuff) and a chocolate bath bomb ("13 Rabbits...Drop into a hot bath and fall into a choccy haze spiced with cinnamon and clove"). Mmmmm. Can't wait to try this!

Dinner at my sister's last night. After dinner, Jeff and Sara went off for a walk. Annie tried to keep up, but she was still recovering after a bad cold and got too tired. I took her home and we had hot chocolate. Annie was delighted to have my undivided attention for once, or at least not having to share the attention with Sara. When Ruth and I started talking, Annie started calling my name, "Auntie Debbie! Auntie Debbie! Excuse me, Auntie Debbie!"

"Yes, Annie?" I ask.

Stunned at actually getting my attention, Annie says, "", obviously desperately trying to think of something Important to tell me. Finally she blurts out, "Auntie Debbie, look at my stomach!"

I look at her stomach. "What about your stomach?"

Annie stares down at her own stomach, as if willing it to do something fascinating. "'s moving."


"Yeah." She jiggles around. "I'm mixing up my hot chocolate. See?" She looks up and gives me a huge grin. Annie has one of those grins that can knock you clear across the room and turn your insides into jelly. Heaven help the young man who stands in the path of that grin when she gets older.

Just before we leave, Sara brushes my hair for me. She is very gentle. Jeff asks her to brush his hair, too, but she says, "Uncle Jeff, you don't have enough hair to brush." But then she brushes it anyway. It doesn't look any different afterward.

A FKO Highlight

Scott Snyder's Concert

LOTS of fun...this guy is way too talented for his own good. Charming, too. :-)
Check out his web page and
buy his album!

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